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Center for Academic Support

we are here to help your needs in all classes


Online Consultations

Important notice: The Center will be closed Friday, September 26th. Online submission posted after 4:00pm on Thursday, September 25th will not receive a response until Monday afternoon at the earliest.

The Center’s mission is to provide writing instruction, (coaching) consultants do not proofread or edit papers. We primarily look at global issues (development, organization, logic). We will direct your attention to style and grammar problems by marking areas of concern. On longer papers, we will mark only the first two pages for style and grammar convention errors. Please limit your submission to 5 pages. If your paper is longer, please select and submit the areas that concern you the most, and if possible, include your working thesis statement.


Turn around time: The center is closed weekends and holidays during the regular semester, so we will not respond to papers during these times.


Processing: If you do not get a response within 48 hours please call us at (925) 473-7590.


After receiving your paper, consultants will do the following:

When your paper is returned to you, please do the following: