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Copy Center



Serving your Print and copy needs


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The cost for immediate walk-up service is $.0125 per impression for instructional departments, and $.02/impression for administrative departments and programs. There is also 48 hour service which costs only $.0025 per impression for instructional departments , and $.0075/impression for administrative departments and programs. When necessary, a self-service machine is also available for you to use at a rate of $.02 per copy. All 48hr. copy requests should have a due date that allows two full work days to complete. Exams are automatically completed on a 48-hour basis, unless requested otherwise. Email and Online orders need an extra day to process (72hr. turnaround). Full color printing is significantly higher in cost. It is $.10/impression for letter-size and $.15/impression for "RUSH" immediate jobs, larger format, and premium papers. All other costs are dependent on the due date and materials required for the job. Please help LMC manage reproduction costs by only duplicating materials which are absolutely necessary for student learning. Many departments overspend their photocopy budget every year. Please secure Department Chair approval for significant copying or printing jobs. Refer to the Printing and Photocopying guidelines available at the Copy Center for specific information regarding services and turnaround times.

72hr. Print & Stock Orders

During the same hours of operation, the Print Shop (just behind the Copy Center room – 119B) is also available for printing and copy work, and can accommodate more complex orders such as: booklets, readers, padding and cutting jobs, NCR jobs, full color jobs, special paper and stationary requests. All Print and Stock requests require a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) to complete. Once we return to the old Central Services location, a notification slip regarding completion of your job/s will be placed in your mailbox for pickup in the Copy Center or Print Shop when the job exceeds your mailbox capacity. For now, everything must be picked up in our temporary location on the 3rd floor. Exams will not be placed in your mailbox due to size and security reasons. They will be packaged and locked away in the evening, and made available in the Central Services sorting area during the workday. You will receive a notification of completion in your mailbox to pick up your Exam/s in Central Services unless requested otherwise.


Peak Periods

Please allow extra time for the processing of your materials during the first few weeks and final few weeks of each semester. During the first week of instruction of each semester, there is no "immediate service" available. This is because the Copy Center must first fulfill the requests of a large volume of 48hr. and 72hr. outstanding jobs. Also, please allot an extra work day (24hrs.) of time to turn-around jobs that must be delivered to the Brentwood campus.

Keep in mind, that instructional packets of considerable length (i.e. Modules) should be considered for sale through the Bookstore, thus avoiding a charge to your department's budget. Please call the Print Shop for further details. Central Services cannot reproduce copyrighted material without official copyright clearance.