Chavez Awards - Values


          • Service to Others:  Empowering individuals by engendering self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-help, rather than charity.
          • Sacrifice:  Recognizing the obligation every individual has to contribute to their community, despite having to endure great hardship.
          • Help the Most Needy:  Supporting efforts to reach those in need, those dispossessed, and those most forgotten individuals.
          • Determination:  Instilling an attitude that through steadfast commitment, patience, and optimism, people can overcome great adversity. 
          • Non-violence:  Achieving social and economic justice and equality through bold and courageous action.
          • Tolerance:  Promoting and supporting ethnic and cultural diversity as a means toward informing and strengthening communities.
          • Respect for Life:  Holding land, people, and all other forms of life in the highest regard.
          • Celebrating Community:  Sharing expressions of cultural identity through art, song and dance.
          • Knowledge:  Pursuing self-directed learning, the development of critical thinking, and constructive problem-solving.
          • Innovation:  Creating strategies and tactics to resolve problems and situations that often seem insurmountable.