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Business Program

Here is your opportunity to learn new skills for career success

Our Department

Business Program Faculty and Staff

For more Information contact:

Adkins, Theodora
Business Instructor
E-mail: tadkins@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3345

Beal, Tawny
Business Instructor
E-mail: tbeal@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3161
Nash, Brad
Business Instructor / Department Co-Chair
E-mail: bnash@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3234
Pearman, Betty
Business Instructor / Department Co-Chair
E-mail: bpearman@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3127
Wilkins, Penny
Business Instructor
E-mail: pwilkins@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3344

Beckham, Shannon
E-mail: sbeckham@losmedanos.edu

Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3000


Hogg, Pam
E-mail: phogg@losmedanos.edu

Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 3000


Knauer, Courtney
E-mail: cknauer@losmedanos.edu
Phone: 925-439-2181 ext. 806

Lombardo, Andrea
E-mail: alombardo@losmedanos.edu
Low, Rita
E-mail: lowlopezra@yahoo.com
Lundahl, Jeanne
E-mail: jlundahl@losmedanos.edu
Muller, Beverly
E-mail: bmuller@contracosta.edu

Norman, Janith
E-mail: jnorman@losmedanos.edu

Puccio, Anthony
E-mail: apuccio@losmedanos.edu

Soroaka, Cynthia

Winkler, Loann
E-mail: lwinkler@dvc.edu
Phone: 925-866-1822 ext. 5106