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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.B


iii.d-1 through iii.d.3.g-1

III.D-1 Board Policy 5031, Fiscal Management
III.D-3 District Budget Study Session 2011
III.D-4 District Budget Study Session 2012
III.D-5 District Budget Study Session 2013
III.D-6 District Budget Study Session 2014
III.D.1.a-3 Governing Board Study Session, 2012-13 Accomplishments toward Strategic Directions November 13, 2013
III.D.1.a-6 2012-13 RAP Rating Criteria Classified Staffing Proposal
III.D.1.a-8 2013 A Annual Report to the Community
III.D.1.c-1 Board Policy 5033, Budget Development
III.D.3.g-1 Business Procedure 9.45, Request to Place Contract on GB Agenda-Blank