EvidenceStdIV.A IV.A.2.a-1toIV.A.2.a-30



IV.A.2.a-1 IDEA Membership Roster 2013-2014
IV.A.2.a-2 Planning Committee Membership Roster 2013-2014
IV.A.2.a-3 Sustainability Committee Membership Roster 2013-2014
IV.A.2.a-4 TLP Membership Roster 2013-2014
IV.A.2.a-5 Academic Senate Minutes 09May2011
IV.A.2.a-6 Academic Senate Minutes 25Mar2013
IV.A.2.a-7 Academic Senate Minutes 14Mar2011
IV.A.2.a-8 Academic Senate Minutes 08Nov2010
IV.A.2.a-9 Procedures for and Minutes of Appointment of Classified Staff to SG Committees
IV.A.2.a-10 Student Senate Minutes 4-1-13
IV.A.2.a-11 Student Senate Minutes 10-22-12
IV.A.2.a-12 Student Senate Minutes 4-15-13
IV.A.2.a-13 Student Senate Minutes 9-10-12
IV.A.2.a-14 Student Senate Automatic Appointments
IV.A.2.a-15 LMC Committee Inventory-Working Document
IV.A.2.a-16 Presidents Cabinet Management Committee Reps-Email 082613
IV.A.2.a-17 Presidents Cabinet Reminder Email 082113
IV.A.2.a-18 Presidents Cabinet Reminder Email 072413
IV.A.2.a-19 Presidents Cabinet Reminder Email 071013
IV.A.2.a-20 SGC Meeting Reminder 030714
IV.A.2.a-21 SGC Agenda 031214
IV.A.2.a-22 SGC Meeting Reminder 120613
IV.A.2.a-23 SGC Agenda 121113
IV.A.2.a-24 SGC Agenda 032614
IV.A.2.a-25 Planning Committee Meeting Reminder 04Mar2014
IV.A.2.a-26 Planning Committee Meeting Reminder 07Nov2013
IV.A.2.a-27 Resource Allocation Process (RAP) Webpage Screenshot
IV.A.2.a-28 Classified Staffing RAP Proposal 2010-2011
IV.A.2.a-29 Program Improvement and Development RAP Proposal Form
IV.A.2.a-30 2010-2011 RAP Process Email 111910