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EVIDENCE FOR standard iii.C


iii.c.1-1 through iii.c.1.d-1

III.C.1-1 SGC Minutes 091406
III.C.1-2 Draft LMC Technology Strategic Plan 2014-2017
III.C.1-3 Technology Goals and Strategic Action Grid
III.C.1.a-1 CCCCD Ticketing System
III.C.1.a-2 TAG Report to SGC 13Apr2011
III.C.1.a-3 Microsoft Campus Agreement
III.C.1.a-4 PO 015417 to Computer Lan - Silicon Valley
III.C.1.a-5 LMC Information Technology (IT) Webpage Screenshot
III.C.1.a-6 Desktop Computer Replacement Plan 2005
III.C.1.a-7 LMC Technology Renovation Plan
III.C.1.b-1 Recommendation B Regarding Professional Development
III.C.1.b-2 D2L Trainings - S. Jones
III.C.1.b-3 D2L Trainers Kickoff Meeting 10-17-12
III.C.1.b-4 Planning for D2L Transition
III.C.1.b-5 PDAC Home Webpage Screenshot
III.C.1.b-6 District wide Staff Development Programs - InSite Webpage Screenshot
III.C.1.c-1 District wide Strategic Infrastructure/Telecommunications Plan - 2009
III.C.1.c-2 LMC Task Force Charge v2
III.C.1.d-1 Board Policy 5030, Acceptable Technology Use Policy