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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.C


evidence ii.c.1.a-1 through ii.c.1.a-20

II.C.1.a-1 Library Faculty Resources Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.a-2 Library Reserve Request Form
II.C.1.a-3 Collection of Writing Resources Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.a-4 Mathematics Lab Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.a-5 English as a Second Language-ESL Lab Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.a-6 Biology Lab Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1.a-7 Learning Management System Recommendation
II.C.1.a-8 Innovative Interfaces Hardware and Software Maintenance Agreement June 2011
II.C.1.a-9 Library Collection Development Policy fall 2013
II.C.1.a-10 Electronic Resources Selection Spreadsheet Example-October 2012
II.C.1.a-11 Reserve Circulation Statistics by Semester Ending April 2013
II.C.1.a-12 Library Inventory and Weeding Project Directions fall 2011
II.C.1.a-13 Library Reference Book Weeding Project Example Page
II.C.1.a-14 Circulating Collection Maintenance Spreadsheet Example Page
II.C.1.a-15 Foundation Mini Grant Proposal for Library Children's Collection fall 2012
II.C.1.a-16 Library Children's Collection Circulation Information September 2013
II.C.1.a-17 Center for Academic Support Student Survey Results and Comments fall 2011
II.C.1.a-18 Center for Academic Support Student Survey Results and Comments fall 2013
II.C.1.a-19 Upgrade from RT to Sysaid-Dialog with District Director of Information Technology
II.C.1.a-20 Trainings Attended by the Alternate Media Specialist