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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.B


ii.B-1 through ii.B-21

II.B-1 2014-2015 College Catalog Student Services Philosophy Statement (pgs. 27-28)
II.B-2 CCC Apply Webpage Screenshot
II.B-3 LMC Application-Blank Paper Version
II.B-4 LMC Application-Completed Sample Web Version
II.B-5 Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes-Admissions and Registration Information (pgs. 2-3)
II.B-6 High School Senior Checklist Webpage Screenshot
II.B-7 LMC Steps to Success Checklist-Paper Version
II.B-8 HSI EXITO Newsletter-October 2013
II.B-9 HSI EXITO Newsletter-May 2014
II.B-10 Y and H Soda Foundation Grant
II.B-11 Easy Bay Career Advancement Academies Webpage Screenshot
II.B-12 TAACCCT Grant Press Release Email 25Sep2012
II.B-13 IDEA Committee Agenda and Minutes 30Jan2014
II.B-14 College Assembly 09Apr2012-Vision 20/20 Presentation PowerPoint
II.B-15 3SP Committee Meeting Reminder Email 10Feb2014
II.B-16 3SP Committee Meeting 08Apr2014 PowerPoint
II.B-17 Distance Ed Committee Minutes 03Mar2014
II.B-18 Plan for All Student Services Engagement-fall 2012
II.B-19 Educational Partners Collaborative Agenda 09Apr2014
II.B-20 Student Services E-Newsletter April 2014
II.B-21 Assessment Center Home Webpage Screenshot