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Electrical & Instrumentation Technology

Meeting today's industries needs


Are you interested in a great career?


Chris Franzel, an intern at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission shares his experience. Video property of BAYWORK


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"Not every person is meant for a four-year college," says ETEC student Patricia Coad. Graduates of the ETEC and PTEC programs at Los Medanos College can earn as much as graduates from four-year colleges. Quote from an article published in the Committee for Industrial Safety newsletter in February

Today’s industry needs employees with high levels of technical skills, excellent communication skills and technical knowledge from the get-go in order to succeed in the globally competitive environment. Industry also faces a growing shortage of skilled workers given the large number of retirements of the baby-boomers, as well as increased demand, creating an ideal opportunity for a new, highly-skilled and trained workforce to enter into these lucrative jobs.


The industry partners that have collaborated with Los Medanos College to design our program include oil refineries, steel processors, chemical manufacturers, power production and distribution companies, and local water and waste treatment plants, to name just a few.


Los Medanos College is in a unique position to offer an outstanding, up-to-date curriculum that has been designed by industry for industry. No other college in this area provides similar education and training needed to obtain these high-skill, high-wage and high-demand jobs.


Most companies provide excellent benefit packages as well, including health, dental and pension plans.


Surveys conducted by the ETEC industry advisory board at LMC indicate that our region will need to recruit and hire 150 electrical technicians and instrumentation technicians each year for the next 10 years.



For years, our industry partners have been going to Washington state to recruit graduates from a privately run institute, where students pay $20,000 for a two-year program. Your local community college – Los Medanos College – is now able to offer you a similar education at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to train members of our community for jobs in our community and beyond.