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Purposeful thinking and communication theory



Update: 4/25/2018



The LMC Debate Team returned from the United States Universities Debating Championships 2018 held at Stanford University. 

The tournament was HUGE, with 69 colleges and universities represented, 30 states represented and 234 debate teams competing! 

Your LMC Debaters competed with HEART and dedication against HUGE 4-year institutions, Princeton, Yale, University of Alaska, etc. While we did not walk away with the Nationals Title (a Harvard Team won it all) I want everyone to congratulate:

Richard Stanfield and Dylan Lee who were the Top Community College Team!

Richard and Dylan will be graduating this year so this title was a great way for them to end their debate career at LMC. 

If you see any of our LMC Nationals Squad around please give them a "High Five" as 2/3 of our team attended a National tournament for the FIRST TIME:

Gadai Bulgac (first Nationals)
Christopher Chu (first Nationals)
Ayesha Khan (first Nationals)
Dylan Lee
Tabitha Romero (first tournament, first Nationals)
Felero Smith (first Nationals)
Hailey Solares (first Nationals)
Richard Stanfield

A monumental THANK YOU to: Professors Edward Haven, Ryan Hiscocks,Scott Hubbard and Star Steers for their dedication to the LMC Debate. 

Edward Haven comes weekly to debate team practice, gave us a GREAT philosophy lecture to prep for Nationals and judged gave up his Sunday to judge at Nationals. He even bought us all ice cream, which the team LOVED!

Ryan Hiscocks came and gave the debate team an AWESOME International Relations lecture to prep for Nationals that came in really handy during one of the rounds. A debater walked out of the round and said, "We need to thank Professor Hiscocks again, my whole argument was basically his I.R. lecture."

Scott Hubbard, a MATH professor, has gone out of his way to be trained in how to judge debate rounds which is HUGE for us to ensure we have enough judges at tournaments to send as many students as possible. He gave up his entire Saturday to come and support the team at Nationals. The students are already asking if "Scotty" (he even has a nickname among them) will be back next year. 

Star Steers has been an amazing assistant coach this semester. Every week she has brought the team Current Event Quizzes to ensure they know what's happening around the globe in preparation for Nationals. She is a constant source of support for debaters both inside and outside of practice. She came out on Friday to have Team Dinner before Nationals and cheer the team on. 

I am so grateful for everyone who supports the LMC Debate Team, from Classified Staff (shout of the Business Office), my colleagues and our Administration (shout out to Dean Ybarra) and am looking forward to the 2018/2019 season...after a well-deserved off-season. 

Marie & The Team



Tom Torlekson

Tom Torlakson with debaters