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Purposeful thinking and communication theory




Kasey GardenerKasey Gardner

Kasey teaches speech and communications courses, while developing a new LMC debate team. Kasey grew up in Cayucos (in San Luis Obispo County). A community college grad, he earned his AA in Liberal Arts at Moorpark College, BA's in Political Science and Communication at Western Kentucky University, and an MA in Political Communication at the University of the Pacific. Kasey has taught at Sierra College, the University of the Pacific, University of San Francisco, and San Joaquin Delta College. He also did a stint working for Defenders of Wildlife, a national environmental non-profit.


Kasey loves teaching and believes that "communication is the essential skill in today's globalized world. We need to be efficient and flexible in the way we share information in order to be successful. Communication is even more important when applied to advocacy and debate. We have serious challenges ahead in our society and the next generation doesn't just need to think critically, they need to speak critically too."


Kasey continued to share his thoughts about LMC and a debate team: "My most coveted goal here at LMC is to build the best community college debate team in the United States. That team will give elite transfer and scholarship opportunities to our students and prepare them for critical thinking in life and the workplace. It is going to take a lot of time, sacrifice, and community from other faculty and staff; but I think we can win the community college national championship in parliamentary debate in the next ten years."




Nancy PertersonNancy Petersen

Nancy received her AA Degree from LMC, BA Degree from SFSU in Speech & Communication and a MA Degree from SFSU in Speech & Communication.


Nancy started teaching at LMC 2001. She also teach at San Joaquin Delta and Merritt Colleges. She loves technology, including teaching online classes.  


In Nancy's free time she enjoys RVing, golfing, NASCAR, the Antioch Speedway where her daughter and her fiance race. She loves being a Grandma for the first time. She spends time helping her husband, who teaches Physics and Astronomy at Solano Community College to promote his book.  


Nancy is currently writing her own book, which focuses on managing and facing our fears.




Emily PadillaEmily Lopez Padilla

Emily has a B.A. from Arizona State University in Speech Communication and Spanish and is a graduate of the University of the Pacific Graduate Program of Communication.  Currently, she is a doctoral candidate in the University of Nebraska‚Äôs Educational Leadership and Administration program with a focus in Higher Education.


Emily has been teaching at LMC since 2008.

Lopez Padilla professional experience is a balance between small business, corporate management and higher education. She also co-founded a non-profit focused on literacy efforts in the states and abroad. 

She actively works with various businesses as a research consultant.  Her passion and research falls into intercultural relations, public speaking, small group theory and intrapersonal communication.  


Shiela Rodolfo

MoranRebeca Moran

Professor Moran was born and raised in the city of San Francisco! She specializes in intercultural communication and also teaches public speaking in addition to her career in real estate.

Marie Arcidiacono


Professor Marie Arcidiacono earned her M.A. in Speech Communication and B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication from C.S.U. East Bay. She is currently the Co-Director of Forensics, Chair of the Health & Wellness Committee and member of the Honors Advisory Board. You can find her teaching in both Pittsburg and Brentwood during the week, but her main office is in Brentwood (A3).