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Accessing my Scholarship


How do I utilize my scholarship?


(External Scholarships are scholarships received/awarded from an outside organization. If you have been awarded an LMC Foundation Scholarship, see LMC Scholarship Recipients below).


Spring 2017 - External Scholarship Recipients


Once LMC receives your scholarship funds, the Foundation will automatically issue a check for the full amount and mail it to your address on file with the college. 


Please Note:

A student must currently be enrolled and meeting the criteria outlined in the scholarship to receive funds; failure to do so will result in your scholarship being returned to the organization.


It can take up to 6-8 weeks for scholarship funds to be processed and disbursed.  If after 6-8 weeks, you have not received your scholarship funds please feel free to contact the Foundation at foundationchecks@4cd.edu with the following information:

  • Your name and student #
  • Your mailing address
  • Name of the scholarship and the amount
  • Date the scholarship was mailed to LMC.


Spring 2017 -Current LMC Students:

Your scholarship funds will first be applied to your tuition balance, as of January 9, 2017.  Your remaining funds will be issued to the LMC Book Store at the Pittsburg Campus and will be available for use beginning January 13, 2017.  Please advise the book store, at the time of check out, that you are the recipient of an LMC Foundation Scholarship.  You will need a valid photo ID at the time of checkout to use your scholarship funds.


Please Note

You are responsible for paying any outstanding tuition fees that are remaining after scholarship funds have been applied.  Payments can be made online at http://www.4cd.edu/insite or at the Cashier’s Office.


At the end of the academic year, June 30, 2017, any unused scholarship funds will be returned to the LMC Foundation.


If you have any questions/concerns please contact or visit the LMC Financial Aid Office.


Transfer Students:

Please Note: Scholarship awards are intended for use during the academic year for which they are awarded. If you were awarded an LMC Scholarship and you do not use that award during the current academic year, your award(s) is/are subject to forfeit.


For assistance with scholarships, please contact Tammy Oranje, Financial Aid Assistant II/Scholarship Coordinator toranje@losmedanos.edu or (925) 473-7518.