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lvn - rn

lvn to rn transition


The LVN to RN Program requires successful completion of prerequisites and the third and fourth semesters of the RN Program.


Graduates completing the Vocational Nursing Program will receive a Certificate and qualify to take the State Board Examination (NCLEX-PN) for licensure as a vocational nurse (LVN). The Vocational Nursing Program requires three semesters.


LVN to RN Transition Applicants:

The LVN to RN Transition Random Selection Process has been completed. We currently have not received notification of additional funding. Therefore, at this time the LVN to RN Transition randomly selected candidates are all alternates. As soon as space becomes available you will be contacted in order of priority according to the list provided below.



More information for LVN to RN Students:
The following information is contained in our Nursing Applicant Handbook

  • Licensed Vocational Nursing to Registered Nursing ProgramPhilosophy and Objectives
  • Graduation Requirements
  • LVN to RN Curriculum
  • Admission and Selection Procedures
  • Minimum Requirements for Selection
  • Application Procedure
  • Selection Criteria
  • Notification of Acceptance
  • Information Regarding Licensure as Registered Nurse