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California's STEM Solution


Scholarships & Internship offerings


Featured Opportunity

Tutor: Be a part-time paid Math and Science tutor in the 9th-12th (HS) AE Room at the CYC

Community Youth Center (CYC) is a not for profit organization in Concord, CA dedicated to improving the lives of youth. We offer ten sports plus an Academic Excellence Program.

ŸJob Description

Desirable Qualifications:

Experience tutoring middle and high school students, managing projects, and working effectively with others. Must be able to tutor in all levels of high school Math and preferably Science. Other subjects such as Geometry are a plus. Must be comfortable in a room filled with active and diverse teenagers. Able to multi-task, help many students at once, and help manage the room. 

Send resume to Academic Excellence Program Director Matt Walsh: mwalsh@cycmail.org

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Scholarship Website Award Requirements Deadline
Association for Women in Mathematics
AWM Varies
STEM Students (write a biography about an interview with a women in Math)
Jan 30
PG&E Bright Minds
PG&E $2000
STEM Majors, exhibit Leadership and financial need
Feb 5
PG&E ERGs PG&E ERG $1000-$5000
STEM Majors, exhibit Leadership and financial need (See each individual ERG for other guidelines)
Feb 9
UC Berkeley (The Achievement Award Program) UCB AAP $6,000 per year and a laptop
Students Transferring to UC Berkeley in Fall 2015 from low income 
Feb 12
Buildium Scholarship Program Buldium $2500
Engineering, or Computer Science program (Software Building company)
Feb 15
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) SWE $1000-$7000
Minimum GPA 3.5 for Freshman applicants and 3.0 for Sophomore-graduate applicants
Feb 15
Congressional Black Caucus foundation (CBCF) General Mills health Scholarship CBCF $2500
African American students planning to pursue a degree in the fields of medicine, engineering, technology, nutrition, or other health-related studies. Min GPA 2.75
Feb 27
Society of Exploration Geophysics SEG $500-$14,000
College students intending to pursue ad college degree directed toward a career in applied geophysics or a closely related filed
Mar 1
Hispanic Scholarship Fund HSF $500-$5,000
Hispanics in STEM transferring to 4 year university in Fall 2015
Mar 30
Chicana/Latina Foundation
CLF $1500
Northern California/Bay area Chicana/ latina college students. Must be able to attend conference the following February
Mar 31
American Nuclear Society (NEED Scholarship for community colleges) ANS $2500
two-year program is available for applicants planning a career in nuclear science, nuclear engineering, or a nuclear-related field and enrolled or planning to enroll in a college or university located in the United States, but need not be U.S. citizens.
April 1
Sunkist Memorial Scholarship bodine $2000
financial need and a family or personal involvement in California or Arizona agriculture
April 30
Hispanic engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and technology experts HENAAC Varies
Hispanics in STEM
April 30

This list was updated 6/11/15. Deadlines will change for 15-16 applications.


LMC Scholarship Foundation

For more Scholarship opportunities please see the LMC Scholarship Website



City Institution Subject Website Pay Eligibility Deadline
Puerto Rico
Arecibo Observatory
Radio Astronomy, Solar System Radar, Atmospheric Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Link $5000/10 Weeks
Jan 26
Boston University
Astronomy Link $5000/10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 1
Astronomy and Astro Physics Link $6500/10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior March 1
MIT Haystack Observatory
Astronomy, Space Physics, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 2
Mountain View, CA
SETI Institute
astronomy, astrophysics, biology, astrobiology
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Jan 30
Los Angeles, CA
Plasma Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Accelerator Physics, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, Astroparticle Physics and Biophysics.
Link $4500, 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 2
Tucson, AZ
Kitt Peak National Observatory
astronomy, astrophysics, instrumentation
Link $7750/ 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Jan 31
City Institution Subject Website Pay Eligibility Deadline
San Francisco
California Academy of Sciences
Biology, biodiversity, the origins and diversification of life, phylogenetic systematics and evolutionary biology
$4200/8 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 13
Tucson, AZ University of Arizona Biosphere environmental and earth systems science
$5000/ 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 7
Ithica,NY Cornell Nanotechnology/ nanobiology
$5000/ 10 Weeks
Fresh-Junior Feb 15
Reno, NV UNR "environmental research, River Regulation: Mitigating Climate Change Effects
 Wildfire in Nevada: Post‐Fire Riparian Recovery
 Rephotography: Changing Landscapes in the Tahoe Basin
 Economic Impact of Drought
 Snow Melt and Nutrient Transport in the Sierra Nevada"
Link $4700/ 10 Weeks rising junior and seniors March
Flagstaff, AZ Northern Arizona University biology, environmental science, chemistry, geology, forestry, environmental engineering
Link $5100/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior Feb 1
Corvallis, Oregon Oregon State University Environmental Science Eco-Informatics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, engineering, computing infrastructure
Link $4000/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior Feb 15
Las Vegas, NV UNLV Microbiology microorganisms from diverse habitats such as hot springs, the deep terrestrial subsurface, hypersaline lakes, arid soils, and ephemeral water sources.
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior TBD
Los Angeles, CA USC Earth Science, GeoScience, Earthquake Information Technology
Link $5000/ 8 Weeks sophomores, juniors, or seniors in the coming fall Feb 23
Catalina Island, CA USC Coastal Ocean Process
Link yes/ 8 Weeks Fresh-Junior Jan 1-Feb-15
Yosemite, CA UC Merced Sierra Nevada Research Institute Ecology, Geoscience, Biodiversity, Conservation, Restoration, Hydrology, and Engineering.
Link $4500/ 9 Weeks Fresh-Junior Feb15
Little Cayman Coral Reef Biodiversity and Resilience Biology, Marine Biology, Conservation Biology
Link   Fresh-Junior TBD
Riverside, CA UCR plants, plant pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes), other microbes, and allied fields.
Link $545/ Week 9 Weeks Fresh-Junior TBD
San Francisco UCSF "Pre PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biological and Biomedical Informatics
Biomedical Sciences
Cell Biology
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Developmental Biology
Epidemiology and Translational Research
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics


Link $4000/10weeks Fresh-Junior Feb 1
San Francisco SFSU Pre PhD Ecology, Evolution and Developmental Biology.
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks Rising Soph and Juniors Feb 13

San Jose
SJSU Molecular Biology
Link $5200/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior March 7
Silicon Valley SETI Institute astronomy, astrophysics, biology, astrobiology
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior Jan 30
New York, New York American Museum of Natural History Evolutionary Biology, Physical Science
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks Fresh-Junior Jan 30

New York, New York
Columbia University Pre-PhD or Pre Masters Public Health, Health Disparities
Link yes/ 10 Weeks rising junior and seniors Jan 30
San Diego Scripps Oceanography, Engineering, Climate Research, Physical Oceanography, Geosciences, Geophysics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Marine Chemistry, Marine Biotechnology & Biomedicine, Marine Biology
Link $5000/ 10 Weeks   March 7
San Francisco Gladstone Promoting Underrepresented Minorities Advancing in the Sciences (PUMAS) Internship Program
Cardiovascular Disease

Virology & Immunology

Neurological Disease

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Link ($12.25/hr) and work full-time (~30hrs/wk) enrolled as a community college student whose planning on transferring to a 4-year institution to pursue a B.S. in a STEM field Feb 27
City Institution Subject Website Pay Eligibility Deadline

(Under Construction) Updated 8-21-15. These deadlines are for the 2015 academic year, however they will be the same or similar for 2016.