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Information Technology



Student and Staff ID Cards


example student ID card

Each Los Medanos College student must have a LMC I.D. card whether full- or part-time. Without one, a student cannot borrow a book from the Library, use certain services in the Student Services area, or use the computer labs or the Assessment Center.

Currently, a Los Medanos College Student I.D. card is obtained in the library on floor 2. Students must bring their registration forms with them to verify that they are currently registered at Los Medanos College along with a form of photo identification.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Los Medanos College Student ID card?
After registering for your classes, bring a copy of your class schedule with a form of photo identification to the library.

Do I need a new Student ID card every semester?
No, your Student ID card is a lifetime card -- but you will need to have it validated every semester you attend classes. Your ID card can be validated each semester, on or after the first day of classes in the library.


What hours are you open?
Generally when school is in session from 7:45am to 8:45pm Mondays through Thursdays and 7:45am to 2:45pm on Fridays. Limited hours during intersession.

Why do I need a Student ID card?
You need a validated Los Medanos College ID card to use the Los Medanos College Assessment Center, to use the campus computer labs; your ID card is also your Los Medanos College library card.

What should I do if I lose my Student ID card?
If you lose your card, come to the library with $2 in exact change, a copy of your class schedule, and some form of identification. We’ll issue a replacement.

Do I need a Library Card?
Your Los Medanos College Student ID card is your Los Medanos College library card.

How long will it take to get my Los Medanos College Student ID card?
The ID card is a photo ID card: it takes about two minutes to produce. Expect delays during peak periods.

Where do I get my Student ID card validated?
Your card must be validated each semester in the library.


How do I get a Los Medanos College Staff ID Card?
The process is the same. If you are a new employee bring information that includes your employee #.