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Information Technology & Services



Support Services Provided

All requests for support require a service ticket be submitted at:



You will receive a confirmation email.


To log on to the Sysaid system, use your InSite user name and password. Instructions for using the system.


Checking the Status of your Helpdesk Ticket:


Just log into https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/Login.jsp to check the status of your ticket



Computer and network support



The District Help Desk handles all account and support requests for these services. Email them at

https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/or enter a ticket at https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/or call them at (925) 229-6888 (from on campus dial 96888).      



For problems within Outlook are handled by the Desk Helpdesk. Email them at

https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/or enter a ticket at https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/or call them at (925) 229-6888 (from on campus dial 96888). 


LMC desktop support/Hardware/Installation/Moves

For these computer, network or technical needs ranging from technical troubleshooting to computer installation requests email the LMC Help Desk at https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/or call the LMC service desk voicemail at 925-473-7767 (voicemail is checked each morning, mid-day, and evening).


Computer lab refresh process

Student computer labs:  

To facilitate timely updating and/or installation of computer lab software and hardware in labs at LMC's Pittsburg and Brentwood campuses the Computer Lab Refresh Process has been established. Due to staffing limitations, labs will be re-imaged at most annually to be ready for either Fall or Spring semester. The scope, process, and schedule can be reviewed by reading the Computer Lab Refresh Process.




Event setup & equipment requests:

MERT is used to facilitate requests for classroom equipment as well as special AV setups and large events. All special events require a consultation meeting with IT&S staff. To request classroom equipment or a special event setup, please enter a ticket at Media Equipment Request Tool. Please remember that your request must be submitted at least 5 work days prior to your delivery or event date (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are non-workdays for this purpose). If you need further assistance inputting your request, please review these Instructions: Instructions for Media Equipment Request Tool


equipment Repairs:

For an equipment repairs please use https://contracosta.sysaidit.com/


Smart station keys:

Podiums are to be locked at all times. To check out a key for the semester email Camme Benzler at cbenzler@losmedanos.edu.  A key packet will be prepared and made ready for you to pick up at the the service counter on the 2nd floor of the library. You must bring valid identification as well as read and sign the Key Acknowledgment form to receive your key.


Note:  Although we will make every attempt to have your key ready for pickup as soon as possible, 48-hours advance notice is required.




All computer, printer, software and major technology purchases must comply with standards and go through IT&S for purchasing support. To request technology purchasing, please have the appropriate manager, dean or department chair email mbecker@losmedanos.edu