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Teaching & Learning Project

The LMC Approach to Assessment


Course-level assessment

The Curriculum Committee revised the course outline form to include outcomes, assessment criteria, SLO-based grading in spring 2004, with implementation phased in during a four-year period through spring 2008.


Course Outline of Record Form

Brief History of Instituting Course-level Assessment at LMC


Course-level assessment reports that are not part of institution- or program-level SLO assessment are included here: Bio 21: SP07
Eng 70: FA04
Math 25: SP03, FA03, FA06, FA07


In Spring 2009, an Accreditation Response Task Force was formed and led by Dean Kiran Kamath to respond to an accreditation recommendation regarding course level assessment. That team met throughout the semester and planned the next phase of course level assessment at LMC. For more information, see the Accreditation page on the LMC website.