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Welcome High School Students

Whether you are a high school student thinking about adding college classes to your schedule as a Special Admit student, or a senior considering LMC as your next step, this your page. You will find links to the college application, steps to enrollment, campus services, and more.



Meet our Welcome Services ambassadors

Group photo of Welcome Services ambassadors


As Student Ambassadors with Welcome Services we welcome prospective students and their families to Los Medanos College and provide information regarding LMC’s programs and services. We also assist with orientations, high-school visits, campus tours, and other special events. We are proud to represent the college and we want to get future students excited about attending Los Medanos too!


Claudia Vasquez

Claudia VasquezMajor: Drama

High School: Live Oak


Hello there, my name is Claudia Vasquez and I enjoy long walks at the beach while I feel the wind through my hair. I also like to engage in high fives, fist bumps and anything of the like. I was born and raised in El Salvador. My favorite sports are eating and sleeping Those are not sports, you said? Well, they SHOULD be. I have grown significantly since attending Los Medanos College, both personally and academically. I am a Theatre Major who has been fortunate enough to have worked with various groups on and off campus, improving my interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. My dream is to become a professor in theater and work in a community college so that I can give back what all my directors and professors have given to me: knowledge, strength, unconditional support, and the trust and belief they implanted in me. I want to teach disadvantaged students and engage myself in diversity so that I will never stop learning from those around me.


Sable Horton Sable Horton

Major:  Psychology

High School: Deer Valley


Hi there! My name is Sable Horton and yes I did hear a Who. I graduated from high school in 2013 and I have been attending LMC since fall 2013. I plan to graduate from LMC with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology in spring 2016. I also plan to enroll in a Christian College in Southern California by fall 2016 where I will pursue a Master’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Biblical Studies.


When I first started attending LMC I wasn’t involved in anything on campus, my goal was to come to school and go home. I quickly realized that my method wasn’t working out for me as there is more to college than just going to classes then going home.  I decided to get involved on campus by joining a learning community and by participating in other fun things on campus. I am a graduate of the Umoja Scholars Program. I am currently a Student Ambassador on campus. I am the Vice-President of Student Government and I am also involved in several other student organizations on campus. I have gained so many amazing mentors and I have been able to build beautiful relationships. LMC really has become my home away from home.


On a more personal note, in my free time I love going to church, volunteering, and hanging out with my friends and family. I also like to write poetry and short stories as well as plan events and meet new people. My favorite thing to do on campus when I’m not working, in a meeting, or in a class is to hang out in the Student Life Office with the awesome Student Life Coordinators.


Robert Reilly

Robert Riley

Major: Biology

High School: Freedom


My name is Robert Reilly and this will be my second semester at LMC. I graduated from Freedom High School in June of 2015 and came to LMC to study Biology. My plan is to go through the Biological Sciences Program at LMC then transfer to a 4 year college where I’ll take the MCAT so that I can get into a good medical school. My ultimate goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon (not to be confused with an orthodontist). I was a good student in high school and with med school in mind the idea of paying so much for the first two years at a 4 year I could avoid didn’t sound right. With finances in mind I decided LMC was the way to go in order to get where I wanted cost effectively and efficiently.


I have extensive experience playing and coaching soccer as well as participating in clubs. Whenever I get down time I end up hanging out with friends, playing some soccer, working out, practicing my cooking, reading science journals, or browsing through Grey’s Anatomy.


Leonardo Bojorquez

Leonardo Bojorquez

Major: Economics
High School: Pittsburg


Hello, my name is Leonardo Bojorquez and I am a continuing LMC student. I am 23 years old and have fully committed myself to furthering my education. I plan to transfer as an Economics major to a University in the Bay Area. Although I have not yet committed to a particular university UC Berkeley is at the top of my list. This past summer I had the opportunity to take a sociology course at UC Berkeley, which served as a valuable learning experience for my future endeavors.


Before LMC, I was enlisted in the U.S military. I served in the United States Marine Corps for over 3 years. I deployed with the Navy for a year and was able to visit multiple countries. One of my favorite countries was Spain because of the weather and beaches. In my free time I like to hike, play sports, or just hang out with friends. I am a member of the Transfer Academy, which is a learning community on campus. If you see me around campus, don’t be shy, wave or say hello.


Allesandra "Ally" Gutierrez

Ally Gutierrez

Major: Psychology and Biology

High School: Liberty


My name is Allesandra Gutierrez and I am 21 years old. I am a Contra Costa Country native and I have lived in Brentwood all my life. I attended Liberty High School and became an alumni in year 2012. That same year, I started at Los Medanos College fall semester and have been well involved with the school since then. During my first semester I joined the ACE Academy which stands for Academic College Excellence. It opened the doors for me in becoming more academically involved, which I lacked during my high school years. Coming to LMC was my chance for a start fresh and find what I wanted to major in. Since then I have been involved with Alpha Gamma Sigma, AMSA, MESA, been an officer for the Honors Program, and currently became a Welcome Services Student Ambassador. I am currently finishing up my A.S.T. in Psychology and A.S in Biology with the intentions of getting into research. I will be graduating in spring 2016 and hoping to transfer to a UC where I will be majoring in biopsychology. During my free time I like to play video games with my friends and binge watch on Netflix.


Heavenly Prater Heavenly  Prater

Major: Psychology

High School: Pittsburg


My name is Heavenly Prater and I am 18 years old. I received my high school diploma in the summer of 2014 from Pittsburg High School and started my education at LMC during the fall of the same year. I am majoring in Psychology and hope to become an educational counselor at the college level. In the summer of 2015 I worked with the students enrolled in the LMC Summer Bridge program, and that is where my interest in educational counseling was discovered! Here at LMC, I am involved in the Transfer Academy learning community. I plan on transferring to either a UC or CSU with an associate degree within the next two years.


Since I was young, I have enjoyed helping others and getting involved in activities within my community. I find fun in almost anything! To name a few things, I enjoy fundraising, studying theater, and having a good laugh. I find it easy to get along with others and am always looking forward to making someone’s day easier. I strive to find the best things in life and am enjoying the process of discovering who I am!


Brynna Graham

Brynna Graham

Major: Psychology

High School: Dozier Libbey


My name is Brynna Graham. I graduated from Dozier-Libbey Medical High School in 2013 and have lived in the Pittsburg/Antioch area my whole life. I actually attended SFSU my freshman year, but discovered that SF state was not for me (it’s always so cold). Since I also didn’t know what I wanted to major in, I decided that attending LMC was the best course of action for me.


This is my second year at LMC and I am now majoring in Psychology (after being a Biology and History major). I plan on receiving an AA-T in Psychology and transferring to a California State University. I’m really glad that I attended community college here at LMC, as it gave me the opportunity to explore major options and eventually decide on one. As a student ambassador I am always happy to help, so if you ever see me at the Welcome Desk/Center feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Sandra Ruiz

Sandra Ruiz

Major: Kinesiology

High School: Pittsburg


My name is Sandra Ruiz. I am nineteen years old and I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2014. This is my 3rd semester attending Los Medanos College and I am majoring in Kinesiology. Along with being a student ambassador, I am also part of the Transfer Academy and EOPS. I came to Los Medanos not having a set plan for what I wanted to do or what educational goals I wanted to pursue other than transferring to a four year university. That all changed when I attended the Summer Bridge Program the summer before my first fall classes began. Summer Bridge really helped me experience Los Medanos from a different perspective. I also made new friends that I would have classes with in the future. My eventual goal is to receive an associate degree, transfer to a four-university, and ultimately complete my career goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. During my free time I enjoy watching baseball and spending time with my family.


Fernando Hidalgo-Chinchilla

Fernando Hidalgo-Chinchilla

Major: Computer Science

High School: Dozier-Libbey


Hello. My name is Fernando Hidalgo-Chinchilla. I am from El Salvador and proud of that. I came to the United States at the age of eight and moved around a lot until my family and I decided to live in Antioch. I finished my middle school and high school years here in Antioch. I graduated from Dozier-Libbey Medical High School with both my high school diploma and my diploma of excellence. Despite having attended a medical prep school, my goal is to earn my degrees in the computer science field, not in the medical field.


Before I started my first college semester, I was in the 2014 Summer Bridge program at LMC. Summer Bridge helped me get prepared for what lay ahead in college. I was able to start my first semester with no problems at all. I am now in my second year of college and applying to both the MESA and Honors programs at LMC.


I hope to transfer to San Francisco State, CSU East Bay, or San Jose State. After all, I don't like to stray too far from my family and friends. If everything goes as planned, I'll be graduating in spring 2017 with my AS-T degree (Associate in Science for Transfer) and going on to a CSU to earn my BS degree (Bachelor in Science).


I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy playing video games and tennis. And someday, I plan to become Dictator of the World!