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Welcome High School Students

Whether you are a high school student thinking about adding college classes to your schedule as a Dual Enrollment student, or a senior considering LMC as your next step, this your page. You will find links to the college application, steps to enrollment, campus services, and more.


Meet our OUTREACH ambassadors

Group photo of Welcome Services ambassadors

As Student Ambassadors with Outreach, Assessment, and Welcome Services we welcome prospective students and their families to Los Medanos College and provide information regarding LMC’s programs and services. We also assist with orientations, high-school visits, campus tours, and other special events. We are proud to represent the college and we want to get future students excited about attending Los Medanos too!


Get the Spring 2018 Outreach Ambassador Application Here!


Alexander Chavez

Alex ChavezMajor: Administration of Justice

High School: Deer Valley


Hello.  My name is Alexander Chavez, but you can call me Alex. I am in my second year at LMC and am looking at graduating in spring 2018. I started here at LMC the summer immediately after I graduated high school in 2015. I took part in the Summer Bridge program which I found very beneficial to my current success, so I encourage all who are interested in Summer Bridge to give it a shot!

I am now a part of two different learning communities in campus, Puente and Transfer Academy. For Puente I was vice president for the club for my first semester and found that my involvement with the program helped my social skills as well as my educational skills. Transfer Academy is mostly what I credit my success to here at LMC. It has guided me throughout my journey and helped pave a path to my educational goals. If you have any questions regarding either Puente or Transfer Academy, please ask!

My ultimate goal at LMC is obtain an AS-T degree in Administration of Justice and Psychology and transfer to a 4 year institute to obtain a bachelor’s degree. If you need help with anything transfer related I would be more than happy to help, just ask! I hope to see many of you around on campus.


Daisy Ruiz

Daisy RuizMajor: Nursing

High School: Pittsburg


Hi! My name is Daisy Ruiz. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in June 2017 and this will be my first semester at Los Medanos College. I am a nursing major and plan to transfer to UC Irvine or UCLA in two to three years. I believe that LMC was the best choice for me because I was indecisive of what to study before graduating high school. Along with being close to home and cheaper than other universities, LMC is a great investment, as going to a four year can get very expensive.

Although this is my first semester at LMC, I am part of the Transfer Academy, Honors Program, and I am a Student Ambassador. Being involved in all these programs will allow me to interact with a lot of people and participate in events that I am very excited to be a part of.

 If you see me in the Welcome Center or Welcome Desk, feel free to say hi and ask any questions.


Maika Jimenez

Maika Jimenez

Major: Sociology and Psychology
High School: Pittsburg


Hi there! My name is Maika Jimenez and I am 20 years old. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2015 and began attending LMC in Fall 2015. I was born in Mexico and then moved to California when I was three years old. I am currently in my third year at LMC and majoring in Sociology and Psychology on the path to transfer to UC Davis or CSU East Bay by Spring 2018.

When I first started LMC I did not participate in much of the activities or clubs. I went to school and then back went back home. It wasn’t until my second semester that I began to get more involved. I joined the Honors program, EOPS, and became an Outreach Ambassador and later on joined a couple of clubs which allowed me to meet new people. My goal is to become a either a teacher or counselor. In my free time I like to read, draw, listen to music, and watch movies.


Jordan Neel

Jordan Neel

Major: Journalism

High School: Freedom


Hi, I am Jordan Neel. If you call me by my twin brother's name, "Jacob," I won't be shocked. I graduated from Freedom High School in 2015 and started attending Los Medanos College that fall. I am currently part of the Honors Program and am a staff writer for the school's paper, The Experience. Both Honors and The Experience have made me extremely involved in the school, and I have seen much success. Being a Student Ambassador also means being more committed to a school I love.

My goal is to transfer to San Francisco University where I want to major in Cinema in hopes of becoming a film director like our very own alumni, Anthony C. Ferrante, director of the Sharknado franchise. I plan to receive an AA degree in Journalism, which has helped me better my skills as a writer. LMC has gotten me to be the most focused I have been in my life and has prepared me for my future. The best part is, everyone wants you to succeed here at LMC. You just have to put in the effort to do so.


Yaritzy Alvarez

Yaritzy Alvarez

Major: Nursing

High School: College Park


Hello. My name is Yaritzy Alvarez and I'm a second year student here at LMC. I graduated from College Park High School out in Pleasant Hill in 2015 and came to Los Medanos to study nursing. My ultimate goal is to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. I hope to transfer to a four-year school (although I'm not sure which one yet) in the spring of 2018 and continue my journey as a nursing major, and hopefully one day to either go to third-world countries and help people there, or own my own practice here.

During my first semester at LMC, I joined the Transfer Academy where I met my squad, and during my second year I became a student ambassador for Outreach. I'm glad I decided to come to LMC because all throughout high school, my goal was to become a surgeon. I was obviously watching too much Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't until my first year that I decided that being a surgeon just wasn't for me, and that what I really wanted was to be a nurse practitioner. In my free time I like to sleep. I hope to see you around campus.


Lainey Martinez

Lainey Martinez

Major: Psychology

High School: Pittsburg


Hello. My name is Lainey Martinez. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2015. This is my second year at LMC as a psychology major, and I plan to transfer in spring 2018.

I found LMC to be the best choice for me because the cost to attend is cheaper than a four year university, so I could save money. Also, it gave me more time to look into and explore psychology and universities that I may be interested in transferring to.

I am part of the transfer Academy, which has helped me with my education plan, touring universities, and any additional help I need. I have lived in Pittsburg my whole life, so attending LMC gave me that community feeling. I love the small classes, the one-on-one time with professors, and the many resources available for students to further their education. As a student ambassador, I hope to help students with questions, so feel free to ask me anything! :)


Crystal Ayala

Crystal Ayala

Major: Early Childhood Education

High School: Mount Diablo


Hello! My name is Crystal Ayala. I graduated from Mount Diablo High School in 2016 and began attending Los Medanos in the Fall of 2016. This will be my second year as a student at Los
Medanos. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and hope to transfer to a four year college in the spring of 2019.

When I first came to LMC, I wasn't sure if I made the right choice of attending community college, but being in the Transfer Academy has changed my perspective. It is more affordable, and I am able to find out more about universities that offer my major with the help of counselors, college tours, and university representatives. In my free time, I love to bake and watch movies.


Kinza Jadoon

Kinza Jadoon

Major: Nursing

High School: Deer Valley


Hi, my name is Kinza Jadoon. I graduated from Deer Valley High School in 2015. This is my third and final year at LMC. I am interested in becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Working with kids is something I have always been passionate about and I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, which is why I chose nursing as my major.

My first semester at LMC went smoothly and this is because I joined the Transfer Academy. I can honestly say they have helped me tremendously throughout my college journey. I connected with a variety of students through this program and have made many great friends along the way. Being a part of the Transfer Academy and different clubs on campus has helped me become more involved with students and staff on campus. I believe these are important relationships to have because college can be hard to manage alone and here at LMC, we are all about helping students with their needs throughout their academic life.  I have always enjoyed helping others, so as a student ambassador, I hope to answer any questions students may have and hopefully make attending college a little less stressful for them!   


Melanie Lais

Jacob NeelMajor: Administration of Justice

High School: Albert-Schweitzer Schule


Hello. My name is Melanie and I graduated from high school in 2014, in Germany. This is my second semester at LMC as an Administration of Justice major. My goal is to be a police officer because I like challenges and the protection of people is important to me.

I decided to study at LMC because it is close to home, and it is also more affordable than attending a four year university.

As a Student Ambassador I meet and interact with a lot of people and it helps me to grow as a person. I also have the opportunity to participate in events, which is a lot of fun! If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask me anything!


Alina Gallo

AlinaMajor: Biology

High School: San Bernardino


Hello my name is Alina Gallo. I’m originally from San Bernardino High School, and I moved to the Contra Costa area, in late 2016. I first enrolled at LMC in Fall 2016 and have been here for one year. The reason I’m at LMC is because I want to become a veterinarian. My major is Biology and I plan to transfer to my dream school, UC Davis, where I plan to change my major to Animal Biology.

During my first two terms here, I wasn't involved with clubs or activities. However, I got motivated to join activities and clubs because I had a lot of free time on my hands and I love interacting with others. I also saw how people in clubs hang out together like a big group of happy friends or family, and I thought it would be awesome to meet new people and have bonds with them. I am currently in the Philosophy Club and the MAC club. I plan to join more clubs because I want to join the fun here at LMC and because it is never too late to join or start. I am also an Outreach Ambassador and I love it because I get to help spread awareness about our school and education to future students of tomorrow.

I personally feel like I live here at LMC. Even though they don't have dorms, this is like my home. I am here almost every single day, so I hope to see you around.


Jacqueline Villalobos

JackyMajor: Biology

High School: Dozier-Libbey


Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline Villalobos or Jacky for short. I am a 2017 graduate from Dozier-Libbey Medical High, and I am beyond happy to have started my academicjourney here at Los Medanos! I am currently majoring in Biological Science and hope to transfer in 2.5 years. I plan to purse a degree in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) after I transfer, and receive my bachelor’s degree.

I am currently a Student Outreach Ambassador for Los Medanos, and I love what I do! I enjoy connecting with others, assisting and contributing in any way I can. I am also involved in many different clubs and organizations on campus such as the MESA, Honors, and PUENTE Programs as well as the Public Safety Club.

One of the main goals I want to accomplish here at LMC is to assist first-generation students on the right path and improve our educational system in whatever way I can. I am very eager to meet each and every one of you. Please feel free to say hi when you see me around campus or when you have any question. I am more than glad to help!


Jocelyn Villalobos

JocelynMajor: Kinesiology & Nursing

High School: Dozier Libbey


Being a Villalobos means much more to me than a last name that has been passed down from my Hispanic ancestors. The name Villalobos means village of the wolves; wolves that have high intelligence and roam around seeking to help and support their tribe. Villalobos are also found to be compassionate. I am blessed to find such characteristics in my parents, and I too noticed I was a true Villalobos. I dream to become a medical professional and own a clinic to treat people who can't afford to go to the hospital. No man or woman should be left behind!

As a first-year student at Los Medanos College, I am involved in the Honors program, Puente, LMCAS, and am currently a High School Outreach Ambassador. My involvement with these organizations has made me embrace the diversification of our environment. I enjoy being in these organizations because it encourages expression and close relationships. A few things I also enjoy doing are running, exploring the city, baking cake pops, reading theological books about my faith, attending concerts, meeting new people, and study groups.

Everyone has special gifts and talents, and we should use our gifts to become the best we can be and help others in need, especially people in our community! Feel free to say hello or ask me any questions. I would love to get to know you!


Kenneth Prado

KennethMajor: Psychology

High School: Freedom


Hi there! My name is Kenneth Prado, and I graduated from Freedom High School in 2016. I'm coming up on my second year at LMC with the intention of becoming a psychology major. With my major, I want to become a school counselor or a clinical psychologist. But more importantly, I want to have an impact in my community to make a difference in the hearts of people’s lives no matter how big or how small. I like to associate myself with positive people and make connections to help guide me on my path to becoming the very best I can be. An example of that choice is my involvement with a club at LMC known as La Raza, a club which is all about connection and building ourselves up through each other.

Furthermore, because of the connections that I have, I’ve grown closer to the school itself and I’ve acquired the knowledge to simply do things such as to study, build, and adapt to make my worth known to the community. In my down time, I like to dance because it takes what I mentioned before of building on what style or what music I dance to, characterizing who I am and setting myself apart from the rest.



Last Updated: 11/1/2017