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Welcome High School Students

If you are graduating from high school this spring and planning to attend LMC, the Summer Bridge Program can give you a head start academically and provide you with new friends to help you feel at home right from the beginning of your first semester.


Summer Bridge program


Summer Bridge 2016, June 20 - July 14


After submitting your application, please call Annica Soto at (925) 473-7433 to make sure your application is received. Applications will be accepted until June 15, 2016.


Summer Bridge Program Overview

Join us for an unforgettable experience and receive a boost for college. This free four-week program prepares incoming students for a comprehensive college experience that focuses both on academic and social success. Meet potential classmates--both new and current students--as well as faculty, staff and administrators. Ask questions and get answers! Career exploration and academic activities will help you develop successful strategies for future college success.


BenefitsPicture of students


Q. What is the SUMMER BRIDGE Program?
A. The Summer Bridge Program is a four-week long program that prepares incoming students for a comprehensive college experience that focuses on both academic and social success.


Q. What does the SUMMER BRIDGE Program offer?
A. The Summer Bridge Program is an academic review and support program that includes the following activities:

Students will experience community college life, including:

Students will work hard and play hard as they prepare for the school year.


Q. How do I apply?

A. Complete the online SUMMER BRIDGE APPLICATION and submit your high school transcripts to the LMC Welcome Desk by June 3. Make sure you have completed all requirements by reviewing the Summer Bridge Application Checklist.


Q. In what way can the SUMMER BRIDGE Program benefit me?
A. Students meet faculty and staff who are committed to assisting them in the transition from high school to college. The program offers intensive English and math instruction to prepare for retaking the assessment test.  In addition to the academic portion, students will receive study strategies, life skills and academic support components that include learning:

Q. Who is eligible for the SUMMER BRIDGE Program?
A. Students need to be recent high school graduates, have completed the college’s assessment tests, and plan to enroll at LMC in the fall semester. Students must commit to the entire four-week program, be on time and attend daily.


Q. Is there a cost to the student to join the SUMMER BRIDGE Program?
A. Yes, Summer Bridge students take two 1-unit classes at $46 per unit. However, students accepted into the program are directed to apply for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver and the vast majority qualify to have their fees waived. University campus and cultural trips are included at no cost.