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Disabled Students Programs & Services



Alternate Media Procedures

Alternate Media Procedures

  1. Review your accommodations sheet or meet with a DSP&S Counselor to make sure you are approved for it.
  2. Read, print, and sign the student agreement form(MS word)
  3. Print and completely fill out an alternate media request form for each book or instructional material.
    1. This is the PDF format Alternate media form (PDF)
    2. This is the MS word format Alternate media form (MS word)
  4. The forms need to be delivered to Kenny Purizaga, Alternate Media Specialist. The forms can be dropped off in the DSPS office in SS3-321. If you have questions or concerns, please call Kenny at (925) 473-7848 or email kpurizaga@losmedanos.edu


Audio book tips sheet.

The following are general tips for using audio books.

  1. Take out your textbook and follow along as you listen.
  2. As you listen, highlight the book and make notes of important information.
  3. If there are important sections you wish to listen to again, make a note of the track time elapsed in the book. You can go back to the exact spot.
  4. If you encounter errors or jumbled speech, please note the page and paragraph of the errors and notified the Alternate Media Specialist.
  5. If your book has chapters that are compilations of many short stories, request of the stories individually instead of the entire chapters. This will make it easier to use the audio material.
  6. If requesting classroom handouts or readers to be converted to audio, please submit a clean versions of the material to the Alternate Media Specialist.  The material should not contain highlights,  written notes, or underlining, and try to not wrinkle the paper.  This may interfere with the quality of the audio produced.
  7. Ask instructor for electronic text versions of handouts or classroom readers to be e-mailed to the Alternate Media Specialist at kpurizaga@losmedanos.edu
  8. Submit your requests and material ahead of time.
  9. The following is a link to the Audio book tips sheet in word format