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Physical Science

The study of non-living systems


Welcome to the Physical Science Department AT LMC

Student and volumetric beaker


The Los Medanos College physical science department is a combination of astronomy, chemistry, engineering, physical science, and physics.


Our faculty offices are located in the Los Medanos science building which is next to the library on the Pittsburg campus. The faculty offices are on the second floor of the science building, through the door next to the elevator. However, the two full-time chemistry teachers' offices are down the hall from the elevator and around the corner. Our part-time (adjunct) faculty office is next to the elevator, room SC2-221.


Science building map, floors 1 and 2


The physical science floor is also home to the MESA center (SC2-202), along with the MESA program director, Carole Hernandez, and the office of the STEM grant, occupied by Margie Ahola.


The overall physical science department chair is Scott Cabral, who teaches astronomy; but, the faculty who are in charge of the other disciplines are


Jeanne Bonner--physics

Scott Cabral----astronomy

Kurt Crowder----engineering, physical science

Dennis Gravert---chemistry

Melinda Capes---chemistry


Please Contact Scott Cabral at 925-473-7702 for more information about the Physical Science Department