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East Bay Career Advancement Academy

A regional approach to workforce development


Frequently Asked Questions

image of EBCAA How do I get more information?

Please contact the CAA manager's administrative secretary Melina Rodriguez at mrodriguez@losmedanos.edu or by calling 925.473-7416. Remember, qualified applicants will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis.


What courses are included?


Spring Schedule:

Course Title Section Instructor Days Hours Room
ENGL-083 Sentence Skills for College Writing TBD Seelie MWF 9:30am-11:40am CC1-114


Summer Schedule:

Course Title Section Instructor Days Hours Room
EMS-010 Emergency Medical Technician TBD Hess & Mills MTTH 9:00am-4:05pm CC3-365
EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR TBD Hess & Mills TBD TBD


COUNS-034 College Success TBD TBD W 9:00am-10:30am CC3-365


What is an EMT?

An EMT is a basic life support provider. An EMT possesses basic emergency medical training and provides basic measures to treat and stabalize patients in the pre-hospital setting. Their skills base includes airway management/oxygen therapy, CPR, bleeding control, spinal immobilization, splinting of extremities and shock management, among other skills.


What is a paramedic?

A paramedic is an EMT-P, or advanced life support provider. Paramedics have all the training of an EMT, with an advanced scope of practice and a higher skill level. In addition to the basic skills of EMT, a paramedic is also trained in advanced airway management, intravenous therapy (IV) and can administer medications. LMC does not offer a paramedic program, but there are local options available for this training.


What king of salary can I expect?

The average salary for an EMT ranges between $10 and $30/hr, while an ER Tech's salary varies between $18 to $24/hr.



Can I just take a few of the classes?

No, sorry. In order to be a part of the Career Advancement Academy for the Spring and Summer 2014 semesters you are required to take all of the classes that are listed above.


How much will the program cost me?

Student's are responsible for tuition and fees of $512 plus school supplies and parking. Books, uniforms, first aid supplies are provided at no charge to the student. Funding provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Grant No: 10-0091.


How do I know if I’m qualified?

The program is designed to serve:

Students who do not meet the above qualifications will only be considered on a space available basis.



Okay, that sounds like me. How do I apply?

There are four easy steps:


If you are a new or returning student who has been away from LMC for more than one semester please go to www.losmedanos.edu/registration to apply to be a student at LMC. Once you have completed the college application process you will be issued a student ID number through an email within 24 hours. If you have questions feel free to call the Admissions & Records office at 925.473-7495.


Please click HERE to begin the electronic Spring/Summer 2014 East Bay Career Advancement Academy Application.

  • Register to attend the mandatory Informational Session:

Please click HERE to sign up for a free Informational Session. During this meeting you will learn about the Career Advancement Academy and the Emergency Medical Technician program that is being offered.


Once you have submitted your application to the Academy, you must contact Melina Rodriguez immediately to schedule an appointment to attend the free physical. You are more than welcome to schedule a physical with your personal doctor, if so please bring this form to be completed by your doctor. Once your physical has been completed please contact Melina Rodriguez at 925-473-7416 to schedule an appointment to see her to turn in your form.


You are required to complete an LMC English Assessment by going to www.losmedanos.edu/assessment. Follow the instructions found on the Assessment Center website to take the exam. When you are finished please provide a copy of your assessment results to Melina Rodriguez. If you have questions regarding the assessment portion call 925.473-7431.


**It is very important that you study before taking this assessment because you are only allowed to take this once per year. The following links below are the recommended study guides that will help you tremendously!

Sentence Skills Study Guide

Reading Pre-test


Establish your eligibility for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW). Click HERE to download the application. Submit the application in person to the LMC Financial Aid office. If you are determined to be eligible for the Waiver please notify Melina Rodriguez at 925.473-7416 or mrodriguez@losmedanos.edu.