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LMC Planetarium

Take a journy to the stars!


Welcome to the planetarium

Picture of planetarium


Planetarium School Shows

This announcement is for all schools in Contra Costa County.

The planetarium is currently not available, but it will be open for shows in the fall 2014 semester. The star projector is scheduled to be working again starting August 18, 2014.


We will probably have 40 minute shows about the basic ideas of astronomy for school groups by appointment. The planetarium has 58 seats. No food or drink except water is allowed in the planetarium.


The planetarium is room CC2-220 on the Los Medanos campus. The planetarium lobby is at the level 2 entrance to the main college complex at Los Medanos. Starting from the front of the Child Study Center, you would along the pathway that goes to the right of the Child Study Center to reach the level 2 entrance and the planetarium lobby.

Planetarium voicemail: (925) 473-7722.

From a campus phone, the planetarium extension is 37722.