CP-1 Board Policy 4014, Distance and Correspondence Education
CP-2 Course Outline of Record Form
CP-3 Online Supplement to Course Outline of Record
CP-4 Distance Education Committee Webpage Screenshot
CP-5 Distance Education Webpage Screenshot of D2L Site
CP-6 LMC Distance Education Substantive Change ACCJC Approval Letter
CP-7 Board Policy 3013, Student Information
CP-8 Board Policy 3023, Financial Aid
CP-9 Student Services Procedure 3023, Financial Aid
CP-10 Cohort Default Rate Effects Guide
CP-11 LMC Cohort Default Rate History List
CP-12 Gainful Employment Webpage Screenshot
CP-13 LMC Accreditation Webpage Screenshot
CP-14 Board Policy 3006, Awards Issued by the Contra Costa Community College District
CP-15 Board Policy 4001, Standards of Scholarship
CP-16 Student Services Procedure 3006, Awards Issued by the Contra Costa Community College District
CP-17 Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4001, Standards of Scholarship
CP-18 Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4004, Awards Issued by the Contra Costa Community College District
CP-19 Student Services Procedure 3027, Student Code of Conduct
CP-20 Student Code of Conduct Webpage Screenshot
CP-21 Human Resources Procedure 1010.02, Uniform Employment Selection Guide
CP-22 Business Procedure 11.24, Code of Ethics for Purchasing
CP-23 Human Resources Procedure 2070.01, Academic Employee Discipline/Dismissal
CP-24 Human Resources Procedure 3210.01, Guidelines for Classified Disciplinary Action
CP-25 Human Resources Procedure 3210.02, Hearing Procedures for Suspension or Dismissal of Classified Employees
CP-26 Administrative Procedure 1001.01, Process to Intro New or Revise Existing GB Policies
CP-27 Board Policy 2055, Whistleblower Protection
CP-28 CCCCD District Office Website Homepage Screenshot
CP-29 Business Procedure 2.02, Instructional Service Agreement (ISA)
CP-30 Governing Board Approval ISA Contract 2013-2014
CP-31 LMC Fire and Police Academies Substantive Change ACCJC Approval Letter