EvidenceStdIV.B IV.B.1.a-1toIV.B.1.e-3



IV.B.1.a-1 State of the District Invitation
IV.B.1.a-2 Sample Board Agenda Table of Contents
IV.B.1.a-3 Governing Board Minutes, Facilitated Discussion on Communication Protocols-October 9, 2013
IV.B.1.a-4 Board Policy 1022, Governing Board Communication Protocols
IV.B.1.b-1 Tables of Contents, Governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Manual, Section 4000
IV.B.1.b-2 Table of Contents, Curriculum and Instruction Procedures
IV.B.1.b-3 Minutes of DW Consultation Council Meeting
IV.B.1.b-4 Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4008, Review, Establishment, Modification and Discontinuance of Courses and Programs
IV.B.1.b-5 Governing Board Agenda Item, Educational Planning Report December 11, 2013
IV.B.1.b-6 Board Policy 4011, Philosophy and Requirements for Associate Degree and General Education
IV.B.1.b-7 Governing Board General Agenda Item B, Board Policies and Procedures Supporting Student Success
IV.B.1.b-8 Governing Board General Agenda Item D, Report on Funds Targeted for At-Risk Students
IV.B.1.b-9 Governing Board Study Session, Statewide Student Success Tools
IV.B.1.c-1 Governing Board Special Reports, CCC-DVC-LMC Educational-Facilities Master Plans
IV.B.1.c-2 Governing Board Report 7-A, Approval of Final Contra Costa Community College District Strategic Plan 2011-2015
IV.B.1.c-3 Governing Board Minutes, Recommendation for District Legal Services and GB General Item D and Minutes
IV.B.1.d-1 Rules and Regulations of the Governing Board
IV.B.1.e-1 California Education Code Section 70902
IV.B.1.e-2 Policies and Procedures Desk Reference
IV.B.1.e-3 Administrative Procedure 1900.03, Admin. Bus. Curriculum and Instruction, HR, Payroll and Stud Services Procedures