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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.A


evidence iv.a.3-1 through iv.a.4-5

IV.A.3-1 Classified Senate Minutes 05Apr2013
IV.A.3-2 Academic Senate Minutes 10Oct2010-General Ed Model SGC Report Senate Needs to SGC
IV.A.3-3 Classified Senate Agendas or Minutes-Report Outs from and Input to SGC
IV.A.3-4 Committee Chair Evaluation Reports
IV.A.3-5 Student Senate Minutes 10-1-12
IV.A.3-6 Student Senate Minutes 2-25-13
IV.A.3-7 Student Senate Minutes 3-25-13
IV.A.3-8 Student Senate Minutes 9-17-12
IV.A.3-9 Academic Senate Minutes 22Mar2010-Senate Needs to SGC
IV.A.3-10 Calendar of Monday Meetings fall 2014
IV.A.3-11 SGC Evaluation Survey Questions-2006
IV.A.3-12 Academic Senate Minutes 04May2009-Professional Development
IV.A.3-13 Academic Senate Minutes 13Sept2010-Professional Development
IV.A.3-14 Academic Senate Minutes 17Nov2008-Professional Development
IV.A.3-15 Student Senate Minutes 11-26-12
IV.A.3-16 SGC Memo to Sub-Committee Chairs 18Apr2014 on the Status of the Governance Document and Committee Roles
IV.A.4-1 LMC fall 2009 ACCJC Follow-Up Report
IV.A.4-2 LMC fall 2010 ACCJC Follow-Up Report
IV.A.4-3 LMC fall 2011 ACCJC Mid-Term Report
IV.A.4-4 LMC College Status Report on SLO Implementation-fall 2012
IV.A.4-5 ACCJC Newsletter summer 2013