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EVIDENCE FOR standard iii.d


i.b.1-20 through i.b.6-2

I.B.1-20 LMC Brentwood Center Educational Master Plan 2006-2016
I.B.1-24 LMC Facilities Master Plan 2007
I.B.1-25 LMC Eastside Campus Master Plan Update 2010
I.B.2-6 Contra Costa Community College District Strategic Plan 2014-2019
I.B.2-13 Program Improvement and Development Form 2012-2013
I.B.3-5 RAP Timeline for 2014-2015 Funding
I.B.3-6 RAP Request Form 2014-2015
I.B.3-20 Program Review Survey Questions-spring 2014
I.B.3-24 What is Program Review?
I.B.3-25 Steps to Conducting a Thoughtful Program Review
I.B.3-26 Guide to Program Unit Review 2014-2015
I.B.3-27 RAP Timeline for 2013-2014 Funding
I.B.4-5 LMC President's Email Memo Announcing Outcome of RAP Process 19Sep2013
I.B.5-19 Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes 23Oct2013
I.B.6-2 Program Review Survey spring 2014 Results