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EVIDENCE FOR standard iIi.a


evidence iii.a.1.c-1 through iii.a.1.c-25

III.A.1.c-1 Classroom Observation Form for Teaching Faculty
III.A.1.c-2 Tentative Agreement between CCCCD and UF 2014-2015
III.A.1.c-3 Office of Instruction Forms Webpage Screenshot
III.A.1.c-4 Part-Time Faculty Evaluation Checklist
III.A.1.c-5 Peer Review Committee Checklist (Evaluation of Tenured Faculty)
III.A.1.c-6 Tenure Review Committee Checklist (Evaluation of Probationary Faculty)
III.A.1.c-7 Self-Evaluation for Online Classroom Faculty
III.A.1.c-8 Self Evaluation for Classroom Faculty
III.A.1.c-9 United Faculty Tentative Agreement 2013-2014
III.A.1.c-10 P Drive Archived Course Outline of Records Screenshot and Master List with Disciplines
III.A.1.c-11 Course Assessment Improvement Plan Samples 2012-2014
III.A.1.c-12 Stipend List for Assessment/Assessment Improvement Plan Completion by Adjunct Faculty
III.A.1.c-13 Teaching and Learning Committee Minutes 25Mar2014
III.A.1.c-14 Teaching and Learning Committee Agenda 25Mar2014
III.A.1.c-15 Teaching and Learning Committee Minutes 15Oct2013
III.A.1.c-16 Teaching and Learning Committee Agenda 15Oct2013
III.A.1.c-17 United Faculty of Contra Costa Community College District Website Screenshot
III.A.1.c-18 United Faculty Appendix X - Revised 31Mar2010
III.A.1.c-19 ENGL 083 Course Outline of Record
III.A.1.c-20 Program Level Student Learning Outcomes-PSLOs Samples
III.A.1.c-21 Improvement Plan for Classroom Faculty
III.A.1.c-22 Improvement Plan for Counselors
III.A.1.c-23 Improvement Plan for Learning Disability Specialists
III.A.1.c-24 Improvement Plan for Librarians
III.A.1.c-25 Improvement Plan for Online Classroom Faculty