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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.B


evidence iI.B.3.c-1 through iI.B.4-8

II.B.3.c-1 Counseling Comprehensive Program Review
II.B.3.c-2 Counseling Home Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.c-3 Probation and Reinstatement Workshop Information Webpages Screenshot
II.B.3.c-4 Survey for Program Review-Counseling Department
II.B.3.d-1 IDEA Committee Meetings Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.d-2 Once A Victim-Now Victorious PowerPoint
II.B.3.e-1 CCC Apply Steering Committee Meeting Agendas
II.B.3.e-2 PET Annual Report 2013
II.B.3.e-3 3SP Committee Meeting Follow-Up Email 08Apr2014
II.B.3.f-1 Business Procedure 13.01, Records Retention and Destruction
II.B.3.f-2 Administrative Procedure 1900.01, Destruction of District Records
II.B.3.f-3 Administrative Procedure 3026, Student Records and Directory Information
II.B.3.f-4 Student Services Procedure 3009, Student Records Challenging Content
II.B.3.f-5 FERPA Guidelines Handout
II.B.3.f-6 2014-2015 College Catalog Student Record Privacy Law (Pgs. 47-48)
II.B.3.f-7 Student Record Privacy-FERPA Webpage Screenshot
II.B.4-1 2013 High School Orientation Evaluation Form
II.B.4-2 New Student Workshop Evaluation Form
II.B.4-3 Assessment Evaluation Form
II.B.4-4 Transfer Center and UC Campus Visit Evaluations
II.B.4-5 2013 Student Satisfaction Survey List of Participating Courses
II.B.4-6 Outreach Services SLO Report
II.B.4-7 Student Life SLO Report
II.B.4-8 2014-2015 College Catalog Student Services SLOs (Pgs. 28-34)