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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.B


evidence iI.B.3.a-1 through iI.B.3.b-24

II.B.3.a-1 LMC Student Services Home Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-2 InSite Transcript Request Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-3 Los Medanos College You Tube Tutorial Videos Screenshot
II.B.3.a-4 Cooperative Work Experience Education CWEE Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-5 DSPS Faculty Handbook 2013
II.B.3.a-6 Web Accessibility Checklist Screenshot
II.B.3.a-7 LMC Marketing and Communications Office Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-8 LMC College Central Network Services Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-9 International Students Information Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-10 High School Counselors Information Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.a-11 Welcome High School Students Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-1 Sickle Cell Disease Workshop and Blood Drive Flyer
II.B.3.b-2 Athletic Spirit Night for Breast Cancer Awareness Flyer
II.B.3.b-3 Latina Leadership Network of CA Community Colleges Flyer
II.B.3.b-4 Cesar Chavez Blood Drive Challenge Flyer
II.B.3.b-5 Black History Month Flyer
II.B.3.b-6 Student Ambassadors Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-7 Student Ambassadors Information and Application
II.B.3.b-8 Student Scholarship Fundraiser Flyers
II.B.3.b-9 Music Department Event Listings Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-10 LMC Art Gallery Queer the Now Exhibition Flyer
II.B.3.b-11 Girls Rising-Social Justice Film Series Flyers
II.B.3.b-12 LMC Clubs and Activities Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-13 Inter Club Council Club Day Flyer
II.B.3.b-14 Impact LMC Student Leadership Retreat Flyers
II.B.3.b-15 Leadership Programs Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-16 LMCAS Activities Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-17 LMC Debate Team-3rd Place National Win Webpage Screenshot
II.B.3.b-18 Black College Expo Flyer
II.B.3.b-19 Umoja Program and Scholars Information
II.B.3.b-20 STELAR Awards Nomination Email and Form
II.B.3.b-21 STELAR Awards 2014 Invitation
II.B.3.b-22 3CSN Student Success Lives Here Spotlight on LMC-HoM
II.B.3.b-23 Opening Day 09Sept2013-Habits of Mind HoM Photos PowerPoint
II.B.3.b-24 ACS 10 Course Outline of Record