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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.A


evidence iI.a.3-1 through iI.a.7.b-1

II.A.3-1 2014-2015 College Catalog General Education Philosophy Statement (pg. 59)
II.A.3-2 LMC College Catalog and Class Schedule Addendums Webpage Screenshot
II.A.3-3 General Education Committee Mins 18Nov2011-COOR Approval and Placement
II.A.3-4 Course Outline Approval Process
II.A.3-5 Instructions for Completing a Course Outline of Record Form
II.A.3-6 General Education COOR Criteria Evaluation Form - Page 1
II.A.3-7 General Education COOR Criteria Evaluation Form - Page 2
II.A.3.a-1 2014-15 College Catalog CSU and UC Transfer and Breadth Requirements (pgs. 54-56)
II.A.3.a-2 ASSIST CSU and UC Articulation Agreements with LMC Webpage Screenshot
II.A.3.b-1 Summary of GE Assessment 2013-2014
II.A.5-1 Major Roadmaps Webpage Screenshot
II.A.6.a-1 2014-2015 College Catalog - Credit Accepted at LMC (pgs. 17-21)
II.A.6.a-2 ASSIST Website Screenshot
II.A.6.a-3 Transfer Center Webpage Screenshot
II.A.6.a-4 2014-2015 College Catalog-Transcript Requests (pg. 21)
II.A.6.a-5 Request for Transcript Evaluation Form
II.A.6.a-6 Transcript Evaluation Webpage Screenshot
II.A.6.b-1 LMC Instructional Program Discontinuance Process
II.A.6.b-2 Board Policy 4008, Review, Establishment, Modification and Discontinuance of Courses and Programs
II.A.6.c-1 Career and Technical Education Programs Webpage Screenshot
II.A.7-1 Office of Instruction Resources and Links Webpage Screenshot
II.A.7.b-1 2014-2015 College Catalog-Student Code of Conduct (pgs. 39-45)