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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.A


evidence iI.a.2.b-1 through iI.a.2.b-36

II.A.2.b-1 CTE Programs Advisory Boards Members List as of fall 2013
II.A.2.b-2 2013 Nursing Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes
II.A.2.b-3 Course Outline of Record - BIOSC 10
II.A.2.b-4 Course Outline of Record - CHDEV 35
II.A.2.b-5 Course Outline of Record - ENGL 100
II.A.2.b-6 Course Outline of Record - MATH 70
II.A.2.b-7 Course Outline of Record - PSYCH 10
II.A.2.b-8 Child Development Permit Matrix
II.A.2.b-9 LMC-CSUEB ASSIST 2013-2014
II.A.2.b-10 LMC-UC Davis ASSIST 2013-2014
II.A.2.b-11 2014-2015 LMC List of Transfer Degrees (as of 28Apr2014)
II.A.2.b-12 Center for the Advancement of Process Technology Website Screenshot
II.A.2.b-13 North American Process Technology Alliance Website Screenshot
II.A.2.b-14 ETEC Advisory Board Minutes 02Aug2007
II.A.2.b-15 Administration of Justice Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 11Jan2013
II.A.2.b-16 Course Assessment - PTEC 27
II.A.2.b-17 Course Assessment - JOURN 16
II.A.2.b-18 Course Assessment - TRAVL 074
II.A.2.b-19 Program Assessment - Biology
II.A.2.b-20 Program Assessment - Registered Nursing
II.A.2.b-21 Program Assessment - Travel
II.A.2.b-22 Program Assessment - ETEC
II.A.2.b-23 Course Outline of Record - PTEC 60
II.A.2.b-24 Excerpt of PTEC Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 14Nov2013 (documenting soft skills)
II.A.2.b-25 BIOSC 10 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-26 BUS 58 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-27 CHDEV 10 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-28 COMSC 37 Syllabus-Online Section
II.A.2.b-29 ENGL 100 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-30 MATH 34 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-31 MATH 27 Syllabus
II.A.2.b-32 Roadmap - Chemistry
II.A.2.b-33 Roadmap - Child Development
II.A.2.b-34 Roadmap - Welding
II.A.2.b-35 Roadmap - Biology
II.A.2.b-36 Roadmap Analytics - Content Drilldown