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EVIDENCE FOR standard i.B


i.b.6-1 through i.b.7-7

I.B.6-1 Program Review Survey spring 2014-Email
I.B.6-2 Program Review Survey spring 2014 Results
I.B.6-3 Evaluation Summary Focused Flex fall 2012
I.B.6-4 Research and Planning Committee Minutes 06Dec2012
I.B.6-5 Program Review Submission Tool Now Available Email 04Dec2012
I.B.6-6 LMC Sharepoint-RAP Proposals and PR Objectives spring 2012
I.B.7-1 LMC Employee Satisfaction Survey 2007
I.B.7-2 ETEC SQL Data Program Review Screenshot
I.B.7-3 ETEC CTE Core Indicator Page Program Review Screenshot
I.B.7-4 Learning Community Cohorts Student Tracking System
I.B.7-5 JOURN 010 CSLO Assessment FA11
I.B.7-6 JOURN 016 CSLO Assessment SP13
I.B.7-7 Special Program Project Summary Report fall 2011