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EVIDENCE FOR standard i.B


i.b.5-1 through i.b.5-19

I.B.5-1 Student Services E-Newsletter Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-2 LMC Newsletter - February 2010
I.B.5-3 District Research and Planning Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-4 Research Request from Office of P&IE Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-5 District Fingertip Facts Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-6 Planning Data and Surveys Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-7 LMC Quick Facts fall 2013
I.B.5-8 CTE Employment Outcomes Survey Results - 2013
I.B.5-9 LMC Math Program Boosts Probability of Success Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-10 District Governance Council Meeting Minutes Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-11 Accounting Core Indicator Data
I.B.5-12 Electrical Instrumentation Technology Program Review Core Indicators 2014-2015
I.B.5-13 SB-70 Advisory Minutes 11Nov2013
I.B.5-14 C5CTE Agenda February 2014
I.B.5-15 Center for Urban Education Equity Model FAQs
I.B.5-16 Accreditation Focused Mid-Term Report 15Oct2011
I.B.5-17 Journalism Program Assessment Results Webpage Screenshot
I.B.5-18 Measure A 2002 and Measure A 2006 Bond Oversight Committee Membership
I.B.5-19 Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes 23Oct2013