Eligibility Requirements Evidence 32-62



ER-32 General Education SLOs
ER-33 General Education Philosophy
ER-34 Board Policy 2018-Pg 37 of LMC 2014-2015 College Catalog
ER-35 Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges 2012-2014
ER-36 United Faculty Contract 2011-2014
ER-37 Uniform Employment Selection Guide
ER-38 Faculty Handbook
ER-39 Student Handbook
ER-40 In Step with Student Services Newsletter-spring 2014
ER-41 LMC Admissions & Records Webpage Screenshot
ER-42 LMC Registration Webpage Screenshot
ER-43 LMC Steps for New Students Webpage Screenshot
ER-44 Admissions and Records Policies Webpage Screenshot
ER-45 LMC Library Home Webpage Screenshot
ER-46 LMC Library Electronic Database Screenshot
ER-47 LMC Library Internet Resources Webpage Screenshot
ER-48 Adoption Budget 2013-2014
ER-49 New Allocation Model 6.9
ER-50 Annual Financial Report June 30, 2013
ER-51 Financial Report 2012-13 and Budget Report 2013-14
ER-52 Board Policy 5034, Internal Audit Services (IAS) Charter
ER-53 Board Policy 5007, External Audit of District Funds
ER-54 Business Procedure 21.01, When to Contact Audit Services IAS
ER-55 Program Review Submission Tool-Course and Program Assessment Repository Screenshot
ER-56 RAP Proposal Technology and Training Development Coordinator 2012-2013
ER-57 Student Learning Outcomes: A New Model of Assessment spring 2012
ER-58 Interim Strategic Priorities 2012-2014
ER-59 LMC Website Homepage Screenshot
ER-60 Board Policy 1017, Accreditation
ER-61 Accreditation Information-Pg. 3 of LMC 2014-2015 College Catalog
ER-62 LMC About Us Webpage Screenshot