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Associated Students of Los Medanos College

Students advocating for students


Welcome to LMCAs


photo credit: Cathie Lawrence, photo editor LMC Experience


2014-2015 LMC Associated Student Senate


We, the students of Los Medanos College in order to provide an official and representative student organization, to investigate student problems and take appropriate action, to provide the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed, to encourage the development of responsible student participation in the overall policy and decision making process of the College community, to foster an awareness of the student’s role in the academic community, to enhance the quality and scope of education at the College, and to provide means for responsible and effective participation in the organization of student affairs, do ordain and establish this Bylaw for the Associated Students of Los Medanos College.


LMCAS Elections May 11 - May 13

Your voice is your vote! Participate in the student government elections.  Voting will occur online beginning Monday, May 11 – Friday, May 13.  Eligible candidates for the 2015 LMCAS Elections are listed below:


Click here to view the eligible candidates.


Click here to view the candidate statements.


District Student Trustee Elections

The District Student Trustee represents all students of the Contra Costa Community College District on the District Governing Board. This position rotates among the three colleges of the District, giving each college the opportunity to elect a student from their respective campus. The District Student Trustee attends monthly board meetings, chairs the monthly Student Trustee Advisory Council meetings, and attends state and regional leadership trainings/conferences. District-wide Election for the Student Trustee will be held Monday, May 11 - Wednesday, May 13, 2015.


Click here to view the eligible candidates.


Click here for more information on the District Student Trustee.