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Challenge Exam Information

The Math Department offers Challenge Exams for those students who wish to test out of a course prerequisite. Below is a table giving a brief summary of each exam. Please note that the Math requirement for the AA degree has changed from Math 25 to Math 30. Please see a counselor to see which is required of you.

Please download the Practice Exam for more information on each individual exam. Most newer browsers will open the file inside the browser window. If your browser does not, download the free Acrobat Reader.

Course Challenged Type of Exam

Course Placed

Passing Score Chances to Take Exam

Math 7/9 - Arithmetic

Practice Exam

Written Satisfies math requirement for various Certificates of Achievement 20/24 3

Math 25 - Elementary Algebra

Practice Exam

Multiple Choice Math 26 or Math 30 20/25 3

Math 26 - Plane Geometry

Practice Exam

Written Math 40 as this satisfies the Math 26 corequisite 70% 2
Math 50 if Math 40 prerequisite is satisfied

Math 30 - Intermediate Algebra

Practice Exam

Multiple Choice Math 34 (Statistics)


Math 35 or 37 23/45

Math 40 if Math 26

corequisite is satisfied

Math 40 - Precalculus

Multiple Choice Math 50 if Math 26 prerequisite is satisfied 28/40 2
Math 50 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry I Written Math 60 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry II Instructor's Decision Instructor's Decision

Scheduling an Exam
Challenge Exams should be scheduled at least a day in advance. Please contact:

Main Campus - Math 026 and Math 030 Only

Brentwood Center

Exam Results

Exam results are usually available within 1 week. Once a student passes an exam, a Lab Coordinator will notify Admissions. Remember, passing a Challenge Exam only waives a requirement and does not give you units for the course.


If a student doesn't pass an exam after the maximum number of chances allotted, then they must take the course if it is to satisfy a course prerequisite or degree requirement. Please see a Counselor if you have any questions regarding your Academic Plan here at LMC.