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Student Ambassadors




"Advancing Our Community"

The Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of Los Medanos College and assist with increasing communication and visibility in the community. This group of select student leaders serve as knowledgeable representatives who provide information and services to the community about and for the college. LMC Student Ambassadors work in Outreach/Welcome Center, Student Life, or the Transfer Programs & Services.


Google Logo 2010-2011 Student Ambassadors from left to right: Jaime Jauregui, Dulce Chamberlain, Elizabeth Yun, Michelle Lee

Becoming a Student Ambassador is a great opportunity to serve as a student leader at the college.


"Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing... Someplace where we can be free."

~ Starhawk



Got Questions? > 2013-2014 LMC Student Ambassadors


Look for your current Student Ambassadors around campus throughout the semester.
We are here to help!
The 2013-2014 Student Ambassadors are:

  • Khandriale Clark (Student Life)
  • Gloria Duarte (Info & Welcome Center)
  • Tessa Garland (Info & Welcome Center)
  • Mayrane Gonzalez (Transfer Programs & Services)
  • Karen Hernandez(Info & Welcome Center)
  • Erika Hernandez (Student Life)
  • Maryam Kaifi (Transfer Programs & Services)
  • Sophia Linares (Transfer Programs & Services)
  • Scott Mahony (Transfer Programs & Services)
  • Christian Maldonado (Info & Welcome Center)
  • Maria Martinez (Info & Welcome Center)
  • Paola Ramirez (Transfer Programs & Services)
  • Xavier Travis(Student Life)
  • Geysol Torres (Info & Welcome Center)
  • Ivan Urrutia (Infor & Welcome Center)
  • Amber Woods (Student Life)

2009-2010 Student Ambassador Natalie Lizardo-Sarellano
on KQED's Forum

California's Community Colleges in the Economic Downturn

Fri, Apr 24, 2009 -- 9:00 AM
California's community college system is the largest higher education system in the country. What role do community colleges play in preparing tomorrow's workforce, and how do they meet that challenge in today's economic climate? We present a special live broadcast from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California.


  • Dave Iverson


  • Darrell Steinberg, state senator representing California's 6th District and president pro tempore-elect of the California State Senate

  • Jose Millan, vice chancellor in the Economic Development and Workforce Preparation Division at the California Community Colleges System Office

  • Natalie Lizardo-Sarellano, Student Ambassador at Los Medanos College

  • Peter Garcia, former president of Los Medanos College

  • Ruben Lizardo, associate director of Policy Link, a national research and action institute