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Online Classes at LMC

Opening doors to education


Your questions answered

Step by step instructions Login

Review the topics below and if your question isn't answered here,
please contact us.



New and returning students must complete an application for admission. For complete information about eligibility for admission and related questions, go to admissions and/or information for international students.



Unless you are a continuing student, you must complete an application for admission. You can do this in person at the LMC Office of Admissions and Records or at the Office of Admissions and Records at any of the other colleges (Contra Costa, Diablo Valley, San Ramon Valley Center and Brentwood Center) in the Contra Costa Community College District. You can also mail your completed application to Los Medanos College, Office of Admissions & Records, 2700 East Leland Rd., Pittsburg, CA 94565. Unfortunately, faxed applications can not be accepted.


Completely Online Course

A section of a course that is conducted completely online using the Internet. While most students will work from their home or office, the LMC computer labs are available for use (e.g. the Business lab for eCommerce courses).


Continuing Student

Someone who is presently taking one or more classes and would like to register to take one or more classes in the current or coming semester. For example, a student taking several courses during the Spring who wishes to take another course the following Fall.



When accessing the LMC Blackboard portal for the first time, we ask that you provide us with your email address. This is done by first logging in and then clicking on the Personal Information link under Tools on the left side of the screen. Step by step instructions for registering your email address are available. If you do not already have an email address or wish to use a different one for your LMC courses, you may obtain a free email account through Hotmail, Yahoo and others.



All courses are $46 per semester unit for California residents. Effective with the summer term 2009, the nonresident tuition for out-of-state residents is $201 per unit, in addition to the enrollment fee. The nonresident tuition for non U.S. citizens (those by law who cannot establish California residency) is $201 per unit, in addition to the enrollment fee. The District reserves the right to adjust the nonresident tuition fee consistent with applicable law. Find out more about fees and international students.



P/NP = Pass/No Pass. No letter grades will be given for this course. P is a grade of C or better. SC = Student Choice. The student will receive a letter grade unless he/she chooses to file a form with the Office of Admissions & Records requesting P/NP. Please note that there is a deadline for how late you can choose this option.


Hybrid Course

See Partially Online Course.



To access your online classroom, the LMC Blackboard server will ask you for a username and password. This is referred to as a login or log on or logging in. Step by step instructions for logging in are available.


New Student

Someone who has never been a student at Los Medanos College.


Partially Online Course

LMC offers a number of courses where a part of the class is conducted online while also meeting regularly in a classroom at the College. The online portion can be completed using the College's computer labs. A partially online course is also sometimes referred to as a web enhanced or hybrid course.



You will need an username and a password to log in to all online and web enhanced courses. Your initial password will be your birth date. If you were born on July 4, 1976, it would be in the form of 070476 (MMDDYY - you must include the zeros).



You may register for courses at LMC only if you are a continuing student or have submitted an application for admission. Students are given a registration time at which they may register in person or by phone or online.


Returning Student

Someone who has applied for enrollment and registered for classes in a previous semester at Los Medanos College. For example, a student took a class several years ago and now wishes to take a class in the current or coming semester.


Student ID #

A seven digit number, usually starting with one or two zeros (example: 0012345). It can be found in the upper left hand corner next to your name on your registration receipt or on a class schedule obtained from the LMC Office of Admissions and Records. This is the same number you use to log in to Web Advisor for grade and other information.

Please note: Your Student ID # can not be given over the phone by LMC staff.



You will need an username to log in to all online courses. Your username will be your first initial, full last name, and last three digits of your Student ID # (example: jrodriguez123).


Web Enhanced Course

See Partially Online Course.