From:                              Kamath, Kiran

Sent:                               Wednesday, April 29, 2009 1:08 PM

To:                                   00-Everyone@LMC

Subject:                          NEW!  Course Outline Update Progress Gauge


LMC Community,


The college is hard at work updating 100% of our course outlines by January 29, 2010 as a result of the Accreditation Report LMC received.  


To help us meet our goal of 100% completion, we now have a webpage to celebrate our progress. After the course outline is approved by the Curriculum Committee and the College President, the bar chart for each LMC program will be updated and you will see the mercury on the gauge rise as we meet the college goal.


Check out the webpage to see how your program is doing.


You can access this webpage directly from the LMC Intranet at “COOR Update Gauge”, as well as from the Accreditation webpage, and from the Curriculum Committee webpage.


Department chairs and program leads are currently completing grids that they are returning to the Office of Instruction to let us know which faculty member is updating each course outline and by when.  We have received many grids already. Thank you!  If you have not yet submitted the grid for your program, you have one more day to go.  The deadline is April 30, 2009!


Thank you!



For the Accreditation Response Taskforce




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