English as a Second Language ESL

ESL studentsGetting Started

Where to Begin

Read all of the information below first. As you read, you can click on the blue word-links, which will open the linked information in a new browser window.

 After you have read through the information below, go to the main registration page, choose your "student status," and follow the given steps for each student type:

  • Concurrent Enrollment (High School Student)
  • High School Senior
  • New to LMC (post high school)
  • Returning Student
  • Personal Enrichment (not seeking a degree)

How to Get Help

Help is everywhere. We know that college and the many steps to entering, engaging in, and succeeding at college are complicated and can be both overwhelming and confusing. In fact, we know that sometimes college can seem like a second/foreign language. Please know that everyone here at Los Medanos College wants to help you, so if you have any questions, please ask, and we will do everything we can to help answer them.

 Here are a few people and places you can go to get more information and help:

 You can visit or contact the EMLS/ESL Department Chair, Dr. Paula Gunder. Dr. Gunder's office is on the second floor of the main College Complex, CC2-211D. Her e-mail address is pgunder@losmedanos.edu, and her telephone number is (925) 473-7882. Stop by, send an e-mail, or call.

 You can call or visit Counseling Services, or use the online appointment system or WebAdvisor to make an appointment with a Counselor - click Counseling Services to visit the Counseling information pages.

 You can also visit or contact the Student Outreach Office, Room SS3-319, the Welcome Center, Room SS3-331 or the Welcome Desk. All are located on the lower level of the Student Services Center at LMC. You may also contact this area by phone at (925) 473-7430 or e-mail Mr. Jorge Cea at jcea@losmedanos.edu.

What to Do

Follow the success steps given for each "student status" pathway on the main registration page. For example, if you are a new student, follow these steps:

  1. Submit an application for admission to LMC.
  2. Take the online orientation.
  3. Take the EMLS/ESL assessment test (you can also take the Math and/or English assessment if you are interested in taking those classes).
  4. Work with the EMLS/ESL Faculty Advisor or a Counselor to create a one or two semester ("abbreviated") educational plan, which can help you map out the English language classes you can and/or should take to reach your goals. When you are ready, you can also create a "comprehensive" two-year educational plan related to your longer term goals. You can also follow the college-wide recommendations for creating an educational plan.
  5. Use the information page about registering for classes online - register for classes and pay fees.
  6. Access the information on the 'registering for classes' page if you are interested in Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  7. Prepare for the first day of class.
    • Mark your calendar for the first day of class and make note of other dates you should be aware of (Important Dates).
    • Check out the LMC Bookstore where you can buy your course textbooks and school supplies.
    • Determine your transportation needs (including parking fees, buying a parking permit, buses, BART, carpooling, bicycling, and 511 Contra Costa information)
    • Review a campus map and find your classrooms. Give yourself plenty of time, especially the first 2-3 weeks of classes, to find parking, locate your classroom, and avoid being late.
    • Smile. Be proud of yourself for having made it through the entry process. Know that you are a valued member of LMC, and we respect your decision to join our English Language for Multilingual Students community.