Inside Los Medanos College
Los Medanos College
January 2008

New Developments

Major New Facilities Construction Project Nearly Done
mathBarring a long string of rainy days, the completion of the science & engineering building and the site work, which includes two major quads, landscaping, walkways and lighting, will occur on schedule sometime next month.  Completion of this work will signal the end of the (first, 2002) Measure A local bond and state-funded major construction project that also included the library and mathematics buildings.  

The overall project has added 16 new classrooms and 12 new labs to our instructional facilities, and office space for 80 employees. The new library has 100 student-access computer stations, seating for 300 students, five group study rooms, an advanced media room and a 100-seat community room. Classes will be scheduled in the science building starting in the summer of 2008.
The completion of the site work will also signal the return of an enlarged and improved parking lot B to full operation, with a drop-off area, disabled parking and staff parking all located near the math building.
All three new buildings are absolutely state-of-the-art (and beautiful to boot!)  The new quad areas will provide great opportunities for students to gather and relax while also creating a welcoming front door to both the new facilities and the main college complex.

Enrollment Management Update

As many of you may know, enrollment is up again this semester.  Here are stats from January 16th

Total Enrollment: 2008-01-22

  • Contra Costa College – 19,011
  • Diablo Valley College – 58,791
  • Los Medanos College – 21,486

    District Total – 99,288

Total Enrollment: 2007-01-23

  • Contra Costa College – 18,460
  • Diablo Valley College – 57,308
  • Los Medanos College – 19,719

    District Total – 95,487

Total Enrollment: 2008-01-22

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences – 14,579
  • Occupational Education – 6,069
  • Offsite Education – 242
  • Student Services- 596

    Los Medanos College – 21,486

Total Enrollment: 2007-01-23

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences – 13,259
  • Occupational Education – 5,529
  • Offsite Education – 461
  • Student Services- 470

    Los Medanos College – 19,719

Don’t Cancel Class – Special Opportunity for Faculty

We understand that faculty schedules can be very hectic.  Between class preparation, student advising, research, family obligations, and illness, missing class may sometimes be unavoidable.  When those situations arise, the Career & Employment Center's Don’t Cancel Class program provides you with a series of career-related presentation options designed to assist in preparing students for the world of work.  

Career & Employment Center staff will meet with your class, take attendance, present a topic from those listed below, and administer a pre- and post-test to measure student learning.  Afterward, we will provide you with a copy of the attendance record, all handouts, and a summary of students’ pre- and post-test scores.  

The Don’t Cancel Class series has been designed with today’s student in mind. Presented in an interactive format, these programs utilize technology and today’s student jargon to assist in student learning and participation.  Most workshops are adaptable to any subject.

Clarus Sessions Conclude

At last, we have completed our sessions with Clarus, an outside market research firm. We started with a preliminary session where Clarus President Kathi Stewart, presented the initial findings of internal and external research conducted to assess recruitment materials and related service areas, and perceptions of our campus held by various constituent populations in our area. Next, we held a working session where we, in small groups, made recommendations for addressing the issues that came up in the research findings.

Lastly, we met with Clarus' Branding Specialist, Kelli Horst, who helped us think about the college, what it does best or doesn't; and what would we like to aspire to, or be known for, in the near future.

Many of you have contributed your time and energy to this effort and the President's Office and the Marketing Team applaud and thank you for this.  We anticipate a formal report and recommendations from Clarus sometime in March or April that will be shared with all of you.

LMC and the East County Community

EETEC Collaboration With Local Industry Raises $370,000 for Program Expansion

ElectricalDue to focused efforts of Occupational Education Dean Kiran Kamath, an excellent group of adjunct faculty and two strong industry partners, funding in the amount of $370,000 to build the EETEC has been secured as follows: USS POSCO and Shell Oil, $170,000 each; Dow Chemical and GWF Power, $15,000 each.

Additional funding for equipment, furniture, marketing, a program coordinator, etc. is still needed, but the group is confident about securing additional donations now that the project is a go and, based on our history with PTEC, the probability of obtaining grant funding is very high.

EETEC Program History:

The Los Medanos College Electrical and Electronic Technology (EETEC) program was first established in 1973 in collaboration with USS POSCO.  The curriculum was developed to suit the needs of our principal industry partner, USS POSCO. This partnership resulted in LMC offering most of the classes and the hands-on lab instruction at UPI. The full time EETEC instructor from LMC was housed at UPI, and LMC also recruited and hired several UPI managers and supervisors as adjunct faculty in the program.

The curriculum served the needs of UPI, but the pace of graduation of the students was not satisfactory. Classes were often cancelled due to low enrollment and the program was offered mainly during the evening, the result being that it frequently took students a number of years to complete the program.  So in effect, the program did not serve the needs of UPI adequately.

UPI and other regional industries such as Shell, Tesoro, Chevron, and Dow Chemical recruit graduates from colleges such as the Perry Institute in Washington and Los Angeles Trade and Technical College to serve their hiring needs. Perry Institute students study full time and graduate in two years. They also pay private education tuition of $20,000 a year for the two-year program.

Both LMC and UPI felt that we should expand our industry partnerships for this program and implement the approach that the college has taken with its Process Technology (PTEC) program, where there are multiple industry partners along with financial support from industry, the workforce development board and from grants.  We therefore needed to develop a new EETEC program to serve the curricular needs of all our industry partners and to also improve the pace of students graduating from the program.

Advisory Board:

A new working advisory board was formed in August 2006. The active members are representatives from Bishop Wisecarver, The Dow Chemical Company, Dublin San Ramon Services District, Industrial Association, Shell, Tesoro, UPI, and Los Medanos College.  The Board discussed the strong need for such a local program in the Bay Area given the retirements of the baby boomers as well as the need for more sophisticated training of new hires in the competitive global industrial climate.  They also discussed the high cost of recruiting new hires from other states and from southern California, the relocation expenses, and the training costs borne by the organizations.  Unfortunately, many of the new recruits stayed only 2 years at the most and moved back home once they were faced with the reality of the housing costs in our area and a different culture and environment. Surveys done by the members of the advisory board indicate that industry in our three-county area (Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda) will hire about 150 new EETEC graduates (conservatively) each year for the next 10 years.

High School Counselor’s Conference a Big Hit

Los Medanos College held its first High School Counselors Conference on November 28th in the Community Room at the new library.

In attendance were over 30 counselors and career/college technicians from every LMC feeder high school.  Counselors from alternative high schools from Pittsburg, Antioch, Liberty Union and Mt. Diablo districts also participated in the event. 

The counselors received training on the online college application, the use of WebAdvisor as a tool for online student services and they were introduced to the comprehensive services available at LMC for incoming high school graduates. They also heard about the progress and plans for our new facilities and information about our new Environmental Science and Engineering Programs (Thank you, Mitch!).  The conference provided a forum for the development of new partnerships between our counseling staff and the high school counselors and these relationships will continue to be fostered through visits to the high schools in the upcoming year.  Another positive, yet unexpected outcome of the conference was the networking that took place among the high school counselors who represented multiple districts from our surrounding communities.
The conference was a great success and the overwhelming response from the high school counselors was in full support of making this conference an annual event.  We couldn’t agree more!

One Day at a Time Program Wins Award

On Tuesday, January 8, 2008, Mary N. Piepho, then Chair of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, presented the One Day at a Time (ODAT) Program an award to recognize how the program has supported young men and women who are at high risk of gang involvement, or are already gang members, and turn their lives around.

LMC President, Peter Garcia, has been the Chair of the Board for this local non-profit for the last five years.  He explains, “I have been proud of my association with ODAT and its Executive Director, Johnny Rodriguez, a continuing LMC student!  Through grants and donations, we have served at-risk youth and changed the lives of students in the Brentwood, Liberty, Oakley and Pittsburg school districts.  In December, I was honored to work with Mr. Rodriguez and ODAT at Supervisor Federal Glover’s historic East County Gang Prevention Summit where we successfully facilitated panel presentations for youth services providers and parents by ex-offenders, gang members, and family members of youths slain by gang violence in East County.”

ODAT has impacted numerous LMC students, including a familiar face for many of you, Eduardo Cardona.  He is now an active student ambassador, helping new students get started on campus, and looking forward to transferring to Cal State East Bay next fall. 

Eduardo had serious challenges with gangs and drugs in both middle and high school.  Through the efforts of the ODAT program, he found the friendship and support system he so desperately needed.  Eduardo explains, “ I didn’t have anywhere to go.  The program offered me options.  They supported improving my school performance and my relationship with my family.  They also inspired me to get involved in community service. I go back to work with the youth being served by the program and I can show how the program helped me.”

Recently Eduardo continued to expand his efforts, and created the Brother-to-Brother club on campus.  Male college students in the club go into the high schools to provide mentorship and support for youth who may be finding their own challenges overwhelming.  He also hopes to start a LULAC chapter on the LMC campus. 

Awards and Acknowledgement

Laurie Huffman, Spanish and ESL Faculty Member, to be Inducted into County's Women's Hall of Fame

The Contra Costa Commission for Women recently announced the honorees to be inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame.  Laurie Huffman, longtime Spanish and ESL faculty member, will be honored as winner in the "Women Creating Community" category.

Laurie is acknowledged for her tremendous commitment to the community, supporting various non-profit groups by serving on numerous boards, working on immigration and women's rights issues, volunteering for political and community-based programs, and developing a rainforest project in Costa Rica.

LMC's Mark Bryant Wins Coach of the Year Award

Mark Bryant, coach for the Women's Soccer Program at LMC, recently received the Coach of the Year Award from the Bay Valley Conference.  Mark has been a coach at LMC for the past five years.  He graduated from Chico State University, where he (of course) played soccer and earned his degree in Physical Education.  He then went on to play soccer professionally with the Sacramento Gold and the New England Sharks.

A testimony to his coaching skills, two of his players recently also were honored:  Cassandra Biglow earned a place on the NorCal team, and Lauren Guzman was named Most Valuable Goalkeeper in the Bay Valley Conference.

John Maltester Named Music Educator of the Year

The California Music Educators Association, Bay Section (17 counties!) recently announced that John Maltester, longtime LMC music faculty member, will

receive the section's Music Educator of the Year Award.  Elected by his peers, John will receive his award at the Association's state conference in March.

Last December, John Maltester hosted an amazing concert where a very dedicated group of alumni LMC jazz band members gave a stellar performance. Many of the alumni are now professional musicians, college and high school music faculty, or just folks who love performing at their alma mater!

To see some photos of the event:

Personnel Update

Welcome and Adieu!


  • Linda Johnson, Nursing
  • Julie Von Bergen, Mathematics


  • Ellen Ellsworth, Customer Service Clerk, Bookstore
  • Rhodora Herrera, Customer Service Clerk, Bookstore
  • Daniel Amare, Science Lab Tech II – Physical Sciences
  • Janelle Hampton, Equipment Maintenance Worker
  • William Lawrence, Lab Equip. Tech. II, Auto/appliance/welding
  • Keith Parsons, Music Lab Coordinator


  • Grace Villegas, Scheduling Specialist
  • Gil Amaral, Lead Grounds Worker/Gardener
  • Mary Long, Administrative Assistant
  • Letta Greene, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator, CalWORKS
  • Spring Tiscareno, Lead Custodian

CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES – New Permanent Positions

  • Linda Maniscalco, Admission Records Assistant I
  • Demetria Lawrence, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator, Student Activities
  • Lisa McFarland, PBX Operator-Receptionist


  • Art Alatorre, Director of Student Services
  • Rosa Armendariz, Academic/ Student Services Manager
  • Jorge Cea, Academic/Student Services Manager


  • Ruth Goodin, Senior Foundation Director
  • Eileen Valenzuela, Office of Instruction Supervisor


  • Loretta Canto-Williams, Director of Financial Aid
  • Barbara Cella, Director of Marketing & Media Design
  • Kathryn Nielsen, Director of Early Childhood Lab School


  • Dennis Mallillin, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator – Tech Prep
  • George Mills, Student Services & Instructional Support Coordinator – EOP&S


  • Barbara Restani, Computer Aided Instructional Lab Coordinator
  • Ida Ornellas, PBX Operator Receptionist

Upcoming Events

"I'm Not Getting On Until Jim Crow Gets Off" Performance Part of LMC’s Black History Month Celebration

AweleIn celebration of Black History Month, Los Medanos College will host performance artist, Awele Makeba, as she performs "I'm Not

Getting On Until Jim Crow Gets Off".  This interactive performance and dialogue will take place on

Friday, February 22, from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall. 

Admission is free and parking permits are not required.

"I'm Not Getting On Until Jim Crow Gets Off" is an interactive performance and dialogue on a watershed moment in U.S. History, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and its significance in advancing democracy in the United States. The oral histories of the women in the Montgomery movement are presented through a talking timeline that lets the audience reclaim this herstory in collective memory.

Different historical players’ voices and stories weave the historical narrative.  By interacting with the audience, Awele deconstructs (and the audience explores) the complexities of this layered her/ history and together they link it to contemporary themes and issues.

Awele Makeba is an actor, teacher, storyteller, and recording artist.  She researches, writes and performs less well-known African American history. She invites audiences to wrestle with complex and emotionally laden issues that teach us about our common humanity, potential, and our purpose for being in the world.  Awele has performed throughout the United States including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Hawaii and Alaska; Canada; Russia; Australia; Taiwan, Austria and Suriname.

This performance is hosted by the Friends of the Los Medanos College Library, and is supported by grant from the Los Medanos College Foundation.  For more information, contact Cherry Li-Bugg at or call 925-439-2181, ext. 3220. 

Men's Basketball Team Continues with Impressive Year - More Games to Go

Were you aware that 98% of the LMC men's basketball team players have consistently graduated from LMC over the course of the past six years?  Also, during that time, twenty-four have gone on to four-year schools!  Pretty impressive, eh?

Well, Coach Domenichelli has his players not only studying, but doing so well, they're currently ranked fourth in Northern CA, and eighth in the state! 

There are still opportunities for you to see this year's men's and women's teams play. Don't miss out! Visit the website for the upcoming game schedules: