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Process Technology Program

Learning employable skills for today's world




What a process technician does


PTEC StudentsRefineries and chemical plants produce and process crude oil and chemicals that are used to make almost everything around you - the tires on your car, the CDs you listen to and the computer you use to surf the Internet. And process operators help make it all happen. Think about what you do to keep your car running. You change the oil, check the air in the tires and keep water in the radiator. You continually check the major components of your car to keep it in good shape. A process operator does basically the same thing - they control and monitor the systems that run chemical plants. Process technicians gather information using instrumentation and lab equipment to maintain safe work areas and keep plants in compliance with regulatory requirements. Operators work both indoors and outdoors along side chemical engineers, chemists and other professionals. They use knowledge of computers, math, physics and chemistry to keep their plants running safely and efficiently. Process operators need strong communications skills - the abilities to write, express views orally and listen - in order to succeed at their jobs.



Wonder What it's all About?
Then take PTEC 4 Career Exploration! PTEC 4 is a 2 unit, online "bridge" course that allows prospective students to determine if Process Technology is the correct career choice for you.

How To Get There From Here

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