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Child Development Head
Here is a listing of courses from the LMC College Catalog
that is offered in Child Development:

CHDEV-001 Introduction to the Study of Early Childhood Education 3 Units
CHDEV-010 Child Development and Behavior 3 Units
CHDEV-011 Techniques and Methods of Child Observation 3 Units
CHDEV-012 Parenting Seminar 2-3 Units
CHDEV-015 Teaching Young Children 4 Units
CHDEV-020 Child, Family, and Community 3 Units
CHDEV-022 Behavior Management 2 Units
CHDEV-025 Creative Art for Children 2 Units
CHDEV-032 School Age Child/School Age Child Care 3 Units
CHDEV-033 School Age Child/Practicum 3 Units
CHDEV-035 Math and Science for the Young Child 2 Units
CHDEV-040 Infant and Toddler Care 3 Units
CHDEV-041 Infant and Toddler Care Practicum 3 Units
CHDEV-045 Music and Movement 2 Units
CHDEV-050 Multicultural Education and the Young Child 3 Units
CHDEV-053 Child Care Licensing Guidelines .5 Unit
CHDEV-054 Computer Technology in Early Childhood Education 1 Unit
CHDEV-055 The Young Special Needs Child 3 Units
CHDEV-057 Methods and Materials for the Young Special Needs Child 3 Units
CHDEV-058 Exploring Early Childhood Environments - New Dimensions 1 Unit
CHDEV-060 Language and Literature for the Young Child 2 Units
CHDEV-062 Curriculum Foundations for the Young Child 3 Units
CHDEV-065 Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child 2 Units
CHDEV-070 Family Child Care Management I 3 Units
CHDEV-071 Family Child Care Management II: Methods and Materials 3 Units
CHDEV-081 Parent Laboratory for Child Study Center I .5-1 Unit
CHDEV-082 Parent Laboratory for Child Study II .5 - 1 Unit
CHDEV-083 Child Development Laboratory--Anti Bias Curriculum Focus 1-3 Units
CHDEV-085 Effective Parenting: The Young Child 1 Unit
CHDEV-086 Effective Parenting: Adolescence 1.5 Units
CHDEV-090 Supervised Experience in Group Care of Children 4 Units
CHDEV-095 Supervision and Administration of Programs for Young Children 3 Units
CHDEV-096 Supervision and Administration of Programs for Young Children--Part II 3 Units
CHDEV-098 Independent Study in Child Development .5-2 Units
CHDEV-099 Cooperative Education in Child Development 1-4 Units
CHDEV-900s Selected Topics in Child Development DA varies with course content.


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