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Computer Science

Meet the needs of today's workplace


Computer Drop-in Lab


Computer Lab


Computer Use Policy

The Computer Science Center of Los Medanos College provides computers and networking resources to the students, faculty, and staff.



Users are required to

Computers can be used to:

Computers are NOT to be used to:

Lab Access and Usage:

  1. Priority use is for LMC-related coursework and college-related business.
  2. Public usage of computers is limited to those in the Information Commons area in the Library.
  3. Currently enrolled students are eligible to use all computer labs on campus. Proof of LMC ID will be required.
  4. Sign-in and sign-out are required when using the lab.
  5. There is a 2-hour time limit when others are waiting. An unattended computer station for more than 10 minutes will be re-assigned.
  6. Lab equipment should be used with proper care. Damage or misuse of the lab equipment in any manner will result in penalties and/or disciplinary actions.
  7. Check with the lab calendar or bulletin board for special notices. Labs may be closed during certain times for tests, lab maintenance or seminars.
  8. No food or beverage is allowed inside the lab at any time.
  9. Minor children who are not LMC students, accompanied or unaccompanied, are not permitted in the computer labs.
  10. Please be respectful of other students using the lab. Keep noise to a minimum and no talking on cell phones.
  11. Loud, disruptive, and/or abusive behavior on the part of the student will result in progressive disciplinary action including revocation or suspension of computer access privilege in the affected lab.

Lab Help

Lab staff is available for general guidance in computer usage.


Software Usage

  1. Software provided by LMC can only be used in the lab. Copying, deleting or modifying the software/computer setup is strictly prohibited.
  2. All your documents must be saved onto your own removable media. You are responsible for the files on your own storage media.

About this policy

This policy is intended to ensure that the college resources are being used for their intended purposes. For more information regarding this policy, go to http://www.4cd.edu/business/technology/technology.aspx to read the full version of the policy including the any accompanying procedures.