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Grant Development & Services

Assistance to faculty and staff


Providing information about funding sources

The Los Medanos College (LMC) Office of College Advancement provides the campus with information about public and private funding opportunities, facilitates the approvals, development and submission of quality proposals, and assists with the management of funded grants.


Our office provides assistance to faculty and staff in obtaining grant funding for proposals which advance the mission, vision and strategic directions of the college. 


Please note: The Office of College Advancement does NOT offer grants or scholarships directly to students; these services are provided by the LMC Financial Aid and the Scholarship offices.



Research Funding Opportunities:

Our office conducts on-going research for grant opportunities and informs faculty and staff of grant opportunities which meet the needs of our campus. For assistance in identifying funding sources to support a specific project or innovative idea, contact the Office of College Advancement or submit your grant concept using the Grant Proposal Assistance Form


Ensure Strategic Fit and College/District Approvals:

The Office of College Advancement grant staff  will work closely with you to ensure that project ideas and proposals are well-planned, consistent with college priorities, match the requirements of the funding source and are approved by the Contra Costa Community College District and LMC administration


Our office’s grant review and approval process is divided into two parts: first--an approval of your grant idea and second--approval of your final grant proposal before submission. This two-step process ensures that the grant developer has the support of the college before writing the grant and streamlines the internal proposal review and approval process.


Each grant idea must be the result of a college or departmental planning process and must be approved by the appropriate Dean(s). Our office will link you with the Office of Institutional Research to gather data for the proposal and additionally, the Business Director, and Information Technology Director as appropriate.


*ALL grant proposals must be submitted to the Office of College Advancement for the College President’s Cabinet and the Chancellor’s approval BEFORE submitting to the funder.   The Grants Office is responsible for entering all grant-proposals into the District’s Grant Data-Base before submission to the funder for final approval of the LMC President and the District Chancellor.


Facilitation of Grants Development Process:

The Grants Office may be available to assist faculty and staff in their entire grant development process – from conceptualization to proposal submission. The grant staff will review the funding agencies’ guidelines to ensure proposal compliance. The level of assistance varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal, the experience of the proposer(s) and the time-availability of the Grants Office staff.


Write and Edit Proposals

It is the responsibility of the Office of College Advancement grant staff  to ensure that grant proposals are well-written, accurate, compelling and complete. The grant staff  reviews and edits, if necessary, all proposals submitted on behalf of LMC. For most large government grants, the Grants Office serves as the primary author of the proposal.

Coordinate Proposal Submissions:

Final submission of proposals can be coordinated by the grant staff or by faculty or staff proposers. All federal grant submissions are coordinated by the Office of College Advancement to ensure that forms are accurately completed and all required documentation is included. All proposals must be submitted through the District's Grant data-base for administrative approvals.


Maintain the District-wide Grants Database:

A Grants Activities Database of all currently funded, pending and not-funded grants  is maintained by our office and by the District’s Grant Database Management system. To view the database, go to the District Intranet site (Staff only): Home - Grant Information


Assist with Grants Management

Our staff will assist in the necessary signatures for funded grants contracts. The Grants staff  plays a limited role in the management of funded projects. Grants management and reporting are the responsibility of the project director assigned to the project.   We provide training and technical assistance to all new grant managers and coordinators.  Copies of all grant reports are to be sent to the Office of College Advancement,   Financial management of grants is administered by the Senior Accountant in the Business Office.

We are available to assist grant project directors solve problems, interpret funding guidelines, offer advice on interacting with the funding agency’s program officer, and provide feedback on reports.


Current Grants (List under development)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Grant (STEM):

STEM Project Narrative