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Associated Students of Los Medanos College

Students advocating for students


LMCAS Activities

Spring 2014

Academic Competition banner

9th Annual LMCAS Academic Competition Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sponsored by: LMCAS, the LMC Foundation, and the Office of Student Life


Click here for application: Academic Competition Application


The Academic Competition is a one-day event designed to motivate students to achieve scholarly excellence at LMC.  It is also a fun and interactive way for students to compete academically.  Students participate in teams of four in the following subject areas:


      1. Mathematics
      2. Science
      3. Social Science
      4. English


The competition consists of four rounds of multiple-choice tests questions.  All test questions are provided by LMC professors. Each test round is 60 minutes and immediately after, the test answers are scored. Points are awarded for correct answers and the teams with the most points at the end of all test rounds are the winners.  The winners of the competition are announced at the end of the event.


Other Important Information

Competitors only need to be present at the event, all supplies, test documents, refreshments, and lunch will be provided by LMC.


All students that participate in the Academic Competition will receive a Certificate of Participation, a $10 gift certificate to the LMC Bookstore, and an event T-shirt!


Winning teams will receive the following scholarships (to be divided equally between team members):


1st Place: $3,000 ($750 per person)

2nd Place: $2,000 ($500 per person)

3rd Place: $1,000 ($250 per person)

4th Place: $600 ($150 per person)

5th Place: $400 ($100 per person)



8th Annual LMCAS Academic Competition Winners:


1st Place: Larry, Mo, Curly

Chris Orcutt

Amanda Davis

Ashley Curry

Glen Rickerd


2nd Place: Yo Adrian

Ardalan Moazeni

Carlos Gutierrez

Mapreet Kaur

Ricky Munoz


3rd Place: Wizard of Ahhs

Danny Erich

R.C Kubota

Erkki Kochketola

Melissa Whitlatch


4th Place: Obviously First Place

Callid Banks

Micheal Mikolajczyk

Stephanie Sweeney

Martin Vega


5th Place: Social Science What

Ann O. Lawani

Teresa Datar

Jairo Vazquez

Gene Griffith