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Increase, Enable, Embrace & Improve


Becoming a Puente Student

Many students over the years have continually asked us: Just what is the Puente Program all about?


How Puente Works

Our program is structured as a paired set of courses:

Let's take each category above one at a time:

English: Studies have proven that underrepresented students are significantly in English. Maria Tuttle, our super-dedicated Puente English Instructor, concentrates heavily on building a solid foundation in not only the appreciation of literature but also in the ability to read and write at the college level.


Counseling: Studies have similarly shown that although underrepresented students say that they want college as part of their future, they rarely know how to prepare towards that end. This is where our counseling component comes in. Every Puente student will be working with our super-dedicated Puente Counselor who'll show you exactly how to successfully prepare for and transfer onto the 4-year college of your choice. Our counselor will also address and help you work through any fears or nervousness you may have about college. Many of us have been there ourselves, so we understand the obstacles you face as a student.


Which Classes Do I Take?

First and foremost, realize that the Puente Program is a solid one-year commitment. If you can give us just one year, we'll change your life forever. My personal guarantee to you is that this year will be packed with more interesting classes, more thought-provoking ideas, more amazing class speakers and more culturally spectacular field trips than you ever dreamed possible! Not a bad way to spend 365 days, eh?


Puente students are enrolled together as a class in the following courses during their Fall Semester:

Puente continues to produce amazing miracles, year after year, because we're in the business of transforming dreams into reality. But you've got to want to make it happen. We don't take sleepwalkers in Puente, only visionaries who are dedicated to transforming their dreams into reality one step at a time. Ultimately, the Puente Program is what YOU bring to it.


Puente Program Applications


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