Parking information

All vehicles parked on the campus weather in a parking lot, dirt lot or perimeter road (Miwok Way and Los Medanos Drive) must have a valid parking permit. Be aware that there are specified student parking areas and faculty/staff parking areas. Students who park in faculty/staff spaces will be ticketed.

Daily parking permits may be purchased from the yellow ticket vending machines for $3.00. These machines are located in Lot A, Lot 1A, Lot B, Lot C and the perimeter road adjacent to the softball fields.

Parking fees (valid for one semester)

Fall & Spring Parking permit fees are $40 for automobiles and $25 for motocycles and mopeds. Students who qualify for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver will pay $20 for the automobile parking permit. Fines for parking citations are $40. Summer Parking permits are $20 for automobiles and $10 for motocycles or mopeds. Permits can be purchased online through InSite/WebAdvisor. (More information about parking, alternative transportation and to purchase a permit)

Last Updated 1/26/18